Reunion at a Harlem Wizards Game


From my husband’s basketball days in England he has met so many people. Some of his closest friends came from teams back home. It’s wild how thousands of miles from his hometown that he is able to catch up with friends in the US. Last week, we had his friend, Phil, visiting on holiday. He came and spent a week with us and he and my husband played A LOT of basketball during that time. I enjoyed having him here and going on some adventures to make his trip even more memorable.

One of my favorite parts of Phil’s stay was going to a Harlem Wizards game. The Harlem Wizards are a traveling basketball team that perform trick shows for charities.

One of the Wizards, Big J, is actually John Smith and he met both Phil and my husband during a period where he played internationally in England. Originally from New York City, John has returned to the US and plays as a member of the Harlem Wizards travel team.

On Phil’s last night of his stay the Wizards were playing at a school about an hour from our house. We decided to make the short journey to see them and it was worth it. Not only did the men get to reunite and spend some time together, but Big J had Arianna on the floor performing tricks along with him. She won a crowd game and was given the designation of “Princess of the Wizards.”

Here are some of our memories from that night.


The Ameri Brit Mom

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