Five Minute Friday: Should

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is Should. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. You can head over to Kate Motaung’s page to check out other entries from inspired bloggers. Here’s my five minutes of uninterrupted, unedited writing on this week’s topic:should-600x600

April was a busy month. From Spring break, Easter, and testing at school, and soccer I felt that I rarely saw an opportunity to sit down and write. Most days I woke up before the sun and went to bed after its descent. The time in between was such a blur.

When I look back over the past few weeks I can’t help but feel regret.

I should have taken more time for me. I should have written and worked on my blog. I should have worried less about things that don’t matter much.

Now, I’m running on empty trying to polish off a long school year. I’m feeling the effects of a month gone wild, and I’m wishing I would have hit pause at least once. I feel like I’m sinking in a sea of personal projects, grading for school, and end-of-the-year activities.

At the time, I didn’t realize how I was running myself ragged.

I fixed myself in survival mode and went through life on overdrive.

After this first week of May I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Only a few short weeks of school remain. Mother’s Day is right around the corner. All major assignments and projects at school are coming to an end. And my daughter is finally coming out of her rough fight with separation anxiety.

I should be feeling like myself in no time.

I should finish the school year strong.

I should save my energy for the things that matter most.

The Ameri Brit Mom

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Should

  1. Our weeks have been a blur too and I’ve been gasping for air some days. But, yes, we can always see the light can’t we? Be kind to yourself today. And the next. Stopping by from fmf.


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