My First Tattoo

My God has been my anchor during a tough and tiring time in my life. It’s been a period of health issues and anxiety. I’ve been tossed in the waves of uncertainty and I’ve nearly sank a time or two. But each time I reached out to my God he gently guided me to shore. Whether that was through a word of peace, a friendly encounter, or the strong and safe arms of my husband. I felt God numerous times holding me these past few months. Beckoning me to rest and just breathe. And so I decided after some contemplation that I wanted to have a permanent reminder of the love, hope, and safety I find when I seek God in all things. With that in mind I set out to find a tattoo that would commemorate this time period.

Ask me a couple years ago if I would ever get a tattoo and I would have quickly brushed it off with an, “I doubt it.” But in my mind I was never closed off to the idea. I just knew that if I was ever going to make a permanent decision it would have to be based on a piece that was significant enough to warrant residency on my skin.

With everything I’ve gone through, I felt drawn to the reminder of the anchor as it represents what God has been for me during this time. So it is with all of this in mind that I chose to get my first tattoo. And when choosing where to put it…I didn’t want to hide it. God’s peace is nothing to be ashamed of and he’s provided me a pretty awesome testimony that wants sharing. So on my prominent forearm is where I’ve chosen to make this reminder a home. It’s a reminder if I ever try to reach for something else that God really is the only one to quiet the rough waters. It is a reminder at all times that no greater peace is found than the one provided by my God. Some days my fear was so crippling that it is because of Him alone that I was able to continue to breathe. God has been my strength and will continue to be. And that is the story behind my first tattoo.

It’s been a year since I last wrote on my blog. A lot has happened between my last submission and now, and one day I hope to share much of that journey with you. I’m still working through a lot, but a few things I know–I am blessed beyond measure, I am surrounded by people who love me, I have a beautiful family that I couldn’t possibly love any more than I do, and my God has never forsaken me during any step of this crazy life.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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