Catching You Up to Speed: Part 1

I’ve been absent for a year for many reasons. To start with…our family has grown by one, beautiful baby girl. Pregnancy made me sick and exhausted and to be honest I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with the blog. I still wrote on a somewhat consistent basis, but blogging was less of a priority while I grew a little human. So I want to catch you up on all of the big moments from the past year…

IMG_0627IMG_0916IMG_0950 (1)IMG_1017IMG_1051IMG_1058IMG_1061 (1)IMG_1086IMG_1097 (1)IMG_1133IMG_2644 (1)IMG_1165IMG_1183 (1)IMG_1188IMG_1196IMG_1236IMG_1257IMG_1261IMG_1315IMG_1346IMG_1368IMG_1388IMG_1391IMG_1393IMG_1407IMG_1426IMG_1447IMG_0204IMG_1486IMG_1487IMG_1514IMG_1512IMG_1509IMG_1538IMG_2861IMG_2836 (1)IMG_3935IMG_1601IMG_1613IMG_1639IMG_1627

The Ameri Brit Mom

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