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Catching You Up to Speed: Part 2

I took a year hiatus from blogging for many reasons. The major reason behind my break was because I was pregnant and exhausted. And as any parent knows, the months that lead up to and follow the birth of new little one are tiring. I didn’t have the energy or drive to write on most days and much of what I did write during that time was private prayers and thoughts for my daughters.

Earlier this week I shared some photos with you from my pregnancy (Catching You Up to Speed: Part 1). You saw my oldest daughter, Arianna, preparing to be a big sister and I finished that post with the first picture of our baby girl, Aleah Isobel. So here is a look at the second part of my hiatus-the time since she was born four months ago. I hope you can handle all this cuteness 🙂

IMG_1640IMG_1642IMG_2900 (1)IMG_1644IMG_1657IMG_1661




And now you are pretty much caught up to speed. It’s been a great year in many ways, but it has also been extremely hard in others. But one thing I know: I am one blessed Mama.

I’m returning to this blog because when I started it back in 2015 it helped me through a really hard time in my life. I’ve always been a writer, but the action of publishing my thoughts and creating a network of other bloggers really helped me to push past some of the anxiety I was facing at the time.

At some point I plan to share with you my testimony, but for now suffice it to say that I’ve been battling with anxiety yet again. I had a very traumatic event occur shortly after Aleah’s birth and although I’ve been very happy I’ve also struggled a lot with anxious thought patterns and PTSD. Writing has always been a calming outlet for me as is prayer. So it is for that reason that I’m returning to this blog. It’s a therapy that blessed me before and if it can be used to bless another person too I will be even more grateful. I’m excited to jump back in to the encouraging community that this blog once created and I look forward to sharing with you all once again.

So, here’s to moving forward.

Here’s to blessing and encouragement.

Thanks for checking in.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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