Deep: Five Minute Friday

It’s a cold and wet Friday morning here in Ohio. It’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas. I’m excited to join my link-up pals over at Five Minute Friday today. This week our prompt is Deep.


How many people in your life would you consider to be true friends?

I’m not talking about the Passing-Comment-“How-Are-You-Doing?” type of friend. I’m asking you to think about those friendships that have depth.

Think about the ones who gets all of your jokes.

The ones with whom you can make eye contact and somehow tap into ESP.

The ones who seem to know something is wrong with you before you know yourself.

The ones who encourage you at exactly the right time.

The ones who pray for you.

The ones who know you on a deeper level than anyone.

In this day and age it is becoming increasingly harder to possess this kind of friendship in our lives. Technology has made it easy for us to expand our list of friends, but at the cost of depth. Those online friends see the edited version of our lives that we choose to make public, but those ugly moments are far from their view.

This Christmas season I’ve challenged myself to step away from the computer and Smartphone and hand-write one letter each day to someone who has influenced me. There’s something about a written letter that helps to foster that deep level of friendship that we all long for.

I’m starting on December 1, and I would love if you want to join me. I’ll be talking more about this next week on my blog so be sure you come back to visit. Let’s take our friendships deeper this Christmas.

If you want to join in the letter writing I’d love to know in the comments!

The Ameri Brit Mom

12 thoughts on “Deep: Five Minute Friday

  1. What an awesome idea! I love writing letters by hand (although the older I get, the more it hurts my hands :/ ). I don’t know if I can commit to one a day, but I have a few friends who I’ll write to for sure this weekend! Thank you for reminding me that hand-written letters deepen relationships.

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  2. Love this idea. I am blessed with 5 friends who are my accountability partners and prayer warriors. I think I will write a letter to each of them and see about how much farther I can get! Great challenge. I love snail mail at Christmas!

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