Fearless Writing: The Flow


As a writer, I sit down to craft my stories or posts with the longing to enter into the zone.

It’s not easy to explain what it’s like to be in this zone. It is a sense of losing oneself to the story or words on the page. It’s also a sense often searched for, but only occasionally achieved.

Some call this “The Muse” while others say it is a “Flow.”

Whatever name you give to this supernatural experience you must admit that some sense of magic resides in its wake.

Entering into the grasp of this zone makes us, “more aware of the world we are writing than the one we are in.” (Kenower)

It is a sixth sense where we forget every worry, fear, and discouragement and replace it with faith in ourselves and our stories.

“Often my best stuff feels like someone else wrote it.” (Kenower)

We get to the end of a session and look back on the work. It is one of the only instances in which time passes and we take no notice. An hour, two, three or more may have passed, but to those in The Flow it stood still.

In this chapter, Kenower gives some rules for achieving The Flow. In order to access this superb focus one must:

  1. Have a willingness to be surprised and abandon your plans for the piece
  2. Trust where the story takes you
  3. Not worry about the past or future (live in the moment)
  4. Exert no effort
  5. Know that there is no right or wrong
  6. Not care what anyone else thinks

Practice: Describe The Flow

When I’m operating in the flow time loses its power. Moments pass by like nature on a scenic drive. I’ve landed in my own head and allowed my feet to be secured to the story. My focus is grounded. The world around me disappears. I am productive.

I capture the flow by centering myself on my goal.

Coffee is always part of the routine as well.

I sit down with the mug and begin to imagine what all will be accomplished. I dream of the characters and my fingers dance across the keys as if they possess their own mind.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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