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My (New) Car

Last week I was coming home from dropping my oldest off at church. The battery light came on and all of the lights within my car started to dim. By the time I reached my neighborhood I didn’t have any headlights. It was a scary journey home.

I now know that the alternator needed replaced.

My husband and I weighed the pros and cons of getting the work done. This Toyota Camry was extremely special because it was a gift from friends. It came to us during a time when we really needed it, but couldn’t afford another car payment. That was several years ago and that car now has nearly 310,000 miles!

We’ve known the day was coming when my car would give out. She outlasted anything we’ve ever driven before and aside from this event she has been a very reliable vehicle.

But after counting the costs and investigating our options we decided it was time for a newer car.

We spent time searching local lots and my husband made many calls/emails to different dealerships. He set a price and mileage range. I inquired about the safety of every model that came up in his quest. With two little ones I wanted to be sure that the investment we were making in a new car would be the safest.

A few days later I drove home my (newer) car. A 2015 Nissan Sentra. She has 30,000 miles and we got an amazing deal at Car Source in Grove City.

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