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Aldi Delivery


One month ago my life changed…

My husband and I found out that Aldi, our favorite grocery store, was now doing home deliveries.

Aldi uses a program called Instacart. Basically, this is Uber for your groceries. Each area has a list of approved shoppers and those people take your list to the store and shop for you. If your location does not have a particular item they can alert you and allow you to make a substitution. If you would rather not substitute you receive a refund for that product.

I haven’t even told you the best part!

Yesterday, I ordered my groceries while home alone with a sleepy baby. The idea of going out into the cold did not excite me. Dinner time was nearing and I really needed to get milk beforehand. Normally, I would have taken my whiny child and braved the aisles while she fought sleep like a boxing match.

Instead I took ten minutes and put a whole week’s of groceries into my Aldi Instacart and in less than two hours everything was unloaded, sorted, and dinner was on the stove.

If you are interested in giving it a try please click my link before you shop. By using this direct link I may receive compensation for referring you. It costs you nothing.

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