My Favorite Pages from my 2020 Bullet Journal

My three volumes of 2020 bullet journals

As we embark on the final week of 2020 I have several wrap-up posts in the works. 2020 was my fourth year bullet journaling and as in all years I went through months where my journal game was strong, and others where I was too bogged down to put energy into something else.

For the most part, my journals were helpful in planning, journaling, and creating. Over the past year so much has happened in my life and these three journals helped me to chronicle those moments.

In this post, I would like to share some of my favorite pages with you from each journal.

Bullet Journal #1: January-April 2020

The first few months of 2020 I had no idea that life was about to change. I set up my first bullet journal of the year with the same intentions and beliefs as years past. Little did I know, that many of my earlier spreads would not see use because Covid-19 rendered them pointless. For example: I made a spread about movies I saw in the Cinema. Well, Little Women was the ONLY movie I watched in Cinema in 2020 and that was way back in January. I also set annual goals which are completely laughable looking back on now.

Bullet Journal #2: May-October 2020

My second journal of the year was my most creative. Summer gave a major boost to my creative repertoire as I ventured outdoors and beyond the house. I was inspired by Youtube bullet journaler, Amanda Rach Lee, and I included more themes and doodles than ever before in my bullet journal.

Bullet Journal #3: November and December 2020

My final bullet journal of 2020 only covered two months. I used the first 75 pages as I normally would and then the back of the book was used for handwriting and calligraphy practice. Additionally, I added some plans to for my 2021 bullet journal setup [which I will be releasing in a post soon!] I also got a Sprocket for Christmas so I started incorporating photos in my bullet journal for the first time this year. [The Holiday Bingo was cut out from a freebie from Be More With Less by Courtney Carver]

I hope you found some inspiration in these pages and enjoyed looking at some of my creative projects in 2020.

Which spreads were your favorite!?!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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