Dear Schitt’s Creek

*Alert: There are minor spoilers in this post

This photo is a vinyl sticker of David’s head made by my sister, Mo.

Dear Schitt’s Creek,

Thank you first of all for your brilliant entertainment. In a year where so many struggled, you stepped in providing a consistent dose of laughter with a healthy message peppered throughout. For years, you hid amongst Canadian broadcasting, but right when America needed you–there you were. Right on time.

You created a world where love prevails over money by sharing characters who must discover this truth for themselves. The journey that the Rose family takes is one of all emotional sorts.

With Johnny the viewer follows a man who used to find purpose in his franchise. Once all of that is stripped away, Johnny Rose must turn his entrepreneurial skills toward his family–far from the corporate world.

With Moira the lessons are sparse, but the wit is heavy handed. Her verbose vocabulary and eccentric style remind us to always be true to ourselves and to never give up on our dreams. (Even when attacked by a flock of crows!)

With David we are shown a unique love story. It’s one in which affection is never questioned and loyalty is proven over and over again. Of course he made us laugh along the way, making us fall in love with both his heart and his one liners.

With Alexis, the character arc is most pronounced. Rid of luxuries and fame, she must work to discover herself. The journey takes her through many ups and downs, but she finds her purpose far from the purse strings of her parents and forges her own path on the heels of heartbreak.

Thank you for six wonderful seasons where you taught us to give like Johnny, live like Moira, love like David, and grow like Alexis. Teaching us to do all of this while laughing is a massive creative feat. Well done! Your series will forever be at the top of my favorites and will become a streaming staple in my house.

Thank you for telling a story of hope.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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