February 2021 Bullet Journal

Here we are a week deep in February and here I am just finally getting these pages done. School is back in full force for me and it’s a been a couple of weeks of hard adjustment. I am stoked to be back in the routine of teaching at full capacity, but my body and emotions are exhausted.

If you clicked on this post I know you are far more interested in the work and letting it speak for itself so here is a glimpse into my February Pages:

1. Cover Page: Donut theme

This theme kind of came together naturally. I am a huge fan of just about any donut and the pink and purples really brought the joy and life to the pages to match the theme.

2. February Calendar

A simple, horizontal spread using color and black pen to label each day.

3. Fitness and Self Care spread

This month I am really trying to focus on self-care (something I am currently slacking on). Along with tracking my workouts per usual I would like to track any time I do a self-care activity.

4. Meal Tracking

Meal tracking has become a vital part of my bullet journal. It helps me hold myself accountable for what I put in my body each day.

5. Weekly Spread and Habit Trackers

I am so in love with this simple, yet functional spread. I love the vertical layout and the enticing donuts floating about.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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