Savor: Five Minute Friday

It’s a windy Friday morning here in Ohio and I’m jumping in with my Five Minute Friday post so long as the wifi sticks with me. Five Minute Friday is a weekly link up where writers from all over write for five minutes about a common prompt. Each writer then places a link to their writing on the homepage and we navigate the community dropping positivity on one another’s pages. This week our prompt is Savor.

I can’t think of the last time I stopped to savor a meal. For years it seems that life has been so busy that I hardly have time to eat and I have gotten to a point where what I am eating is not very important to me. I eat for survival and fuel without much regard for savoring the tastes and the moment.

I’m not quite sure when this happened–I used to be all about trying new things and surprising my taste buds with new flavors. Preparing new dishes was so much fun and the act of making recipes my own was a blast. But somewhere along the way it became such a pain to plan out three meals a day. I sacrificed flavor for convenience and I replaced a relatively balanced diet with one of sporadic eating. Sure, I’m busy. But shouldn’t I be able to still find moments to eat healthy and to savor the times I have with the food and family I have been blessed with?

This week is Spring Break. My husband planned a secret trip to the beach (and by secret I mean we are totally surprising the girls. They don’t know yet!) and one thing I hope to find on this trip is a few moments to stop and savor. I have been going nonstop since school resumed this fall and to be able to stand on a balcony breathing in the air of the coastline will be such a healing experience. I hope to also repair my relationship with food and although we will be in a condo and I will be cooking just about every meal, I plan to adventure in the kitchen and find reasons to sit and savor the food that I am putting into my body.

The Ameri Brit Mom

6 thoughts on “Savor: Five Minute Friday

  1. My thinking was along the same line as yours in terms of relationship with food! I hope that your vacation gives you many moments to enjoy, savor and tuck away as you build beautiful memories with your family!


  2. It’s *so* easy to just go through the motions with food, especially when we’re the ones making it! I hear you. Excited for your family trip—and may you be able to deeply savor both your time and tasty meals.


  3. I love that you’ve recognized this in your life and are lovingly approaching healing your relationship with food. It can be a tricky road, but there are SO many parallels between food and God, that I’m confident you’ll find not only your food/self relationship improving but the gentle, loving hand of the Father guiding you on your adventure.


  4. I can relate, but for a different reason.

    God, please do not do this,
    it is so unreal;
    I really, really want to miss
    this upcoming meal.
    Cancer’s got palate and guts
    tied in Gordian knots,
    and, no ifs, no ands, no buts,
    whatever’s in cookpots
    makes me want to run and hide,
    from that warming smell;
    it’s so hard to stay inside,
    but baby, what the h***,
    I have to eat, so bring it on,
    I’ll do my best to keep it down.


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