Get Them Outside!–Teacher Tuesday

Honors World History students outside reading The Diary of Anne Frank

One of my favorite teaching tricks in the springtime is getting my kids outside for a few minutes to read, write, or work in groups. During this year of pandemic teaching it is even more important to get the kids outside when the weather is nice. Not only does it help us to breathe cleaner, unfiltered air, but it also lifts the spirits and helps students to build an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Reading on a back porch, poolside, or while getting my feet sandy at a beach is one of my favorite ways to destress. So giving students an opportunity to get some reading done while soaking up the sun helps many of them to destress and build healthy habits as well.

I do have to post a disclaimer here: I teach high school honors students.

I know that for many teachers it would be a great challange to take your classes outdoors and maintain some level of productivity. The change of scenery is helpful for all learners whether that be outside, in the school library, or allowing students to choose their own spot in the classroom. For me, outdoor reading works because I have students who can handle that environment, but always use your best judgement when making a call like that for your own students. You know your students best and what types of activities will serve their learning well.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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