PiYo Week 3 Recap

(This is a non affiliate post and based solely on my personal experience using the Beachbody PiYo program developed by Chalene Johnson. Results may vary.)

Just shy of the middle of the program, I am starting to get addicted to the feeling of satisfaction that comes from finishing each workout. Each day I work harder than the one before, but I am seeing results in my energy level, strength, balance, and weight loss.

This all goes to show that all it takes is 20-30 minutes a day to make a difference when you are consistent. About this time I usually begin to fall off of most workout or diet plans, but I’m feeling the benefits and hoping to stick it out to the end of the 8 week program.

One thing that has been a little harder now that we have been released from quarantine is maintaining the PiYo diet. I do my best, but not being in my own house (or country) keeps me from being fully in charge of the menu. However, I have tried my best to make wise decisions when options are available.

Some observations from Week 3:

– There really are no “easy days” anymore. Each workout now is pretty intense.

– Every day there is a different muscle group focus and my favorite are the days when I work on my core.

– I found my first Strength Intervals workout to be really difficult. My legs shook the entire time because they are not used to being so engaged and exhausted.

-My cravings for sweets are really letting up and I am drinking more water.

You can check out the earlier weeks of my PiYo recaps here:

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I look forward to continue to share my progress with you. I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far. Let me know if you have ever done PiYo or any other Beachbody classes. I am interested in hearing others’ testimonies for how these programs improved your fitness level and growth mentality.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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