Long Awaited Cousin Time

Because of Covid, my daughters had not met their 18 month-old English cousin yet. One of the highlights of this trip to England is giving them plenty of opportunities to make memories together. They are so in love–you can see it in the way they play together and smile. Here are some of the precious moments they have shared together so far this trip:

Cuddles on Grandad’s couch
Indoor tea party while we were still in quarantine
Chasing pigeons at the Winchester Cathedral
Getting loved on by sheep at Manor Farm
Stealing kisses and making each other giggle
Checking out the cows
Running away from the rain in the Itchen Valley woods
On his throne where he belongs
Only a few more years and they will be driving each other around
Up to no good in the woods
Working out on the cricket pitch in Royal Victoria Country Park

The Ameri Brit Mom

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