Rescue: FMF

Today I am joining the positive writing community over at Five Minute Friday for their weekly link-up. Each week we gather to write on a common theme. This week our theme is Rescue.

Right now I am a couple of weeks in to my final semester of graduate school. In December, I will be graduating with a Masters of English degree and I am really proud of the work and effort I have put in to accomplish this life goal. At times, during this journey I have been treading water. My enrollment in the program coincided with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and so I taught hybrid and remotely all while trying to keep on top of my studies and assignments. This semester is also my heaviest load. I am taking three courses right now, one of which is my Capstone/Thesis project. I have been busy and will only continue to be until the semester ends in December.

So how am I coping? What is my plan for this semester? What is my plan for my degree?

First of all, I am coping with large amounts of coffee, planning chunks of work time weekly during the semester, making routines and sticking to them, and prioritizing my time better for my family. Having a plan has rescued me from going crazy, but nothing has rescued my energy like a couple of cups of coffee each day.

After December, I plan to use my degree to better my craft, increase my teaching opportunities within my district, become a qualified cooperating teacher for pre-service educators (aka–have student teachers in my room), increase my salary, and I look forward to the other options that I am still unaware of.

Writing on here may become sparse at times throughout this semester, but don’t worry I am still writing just in a different capacity. And this is all temporary. And I am incredibly thankful for the way coffee and friends provide a rescue line when I start to feel buried by the load of graduate courses.

The Ameri Brit Mom

2 thoughts on “Rescue: FMF

  1. How wonderful for you to be able to forge ahead and complete your degree at this time. And yes (!!), coffee would be my rescue line as well 🙂


  2. Whew! What a workload! Proud of you, and all this progress you’re making toward your goals. To me, English sounds like such a fun degree to go for – I’d love to hear what your thesis project is about, if you don’t mind sharing. I’m always fascinated by people’s big ideas.


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