Announce: Five Minute Friday

I am so excited to reunite with my positive little writing community for a Five Minute Friday link-up. This is a weekly event where members of the community each write an original post using the same prompt. You can find my five minutes of unedited writing below. This week, the Five Minute Friday word prompt is…Announce.

I have a few announcements for my readers today so that makes this week’s prompt a perfect fit.

  1. I graduated yesterday with my Masters of English degree from Bowling Green State University.
  2. The semester has ended at my public school job so I am on Holiday break for two and half weeks.
  3. I am two weeks away from the big reveal on my blog. I’ve been dropping hints about a big surprise on social media so be sure to follow me:



*Please join The Ameri Brit Mom email list in the margin so that you can see the big reveal first.

Big things are coming for The Ameri Brit Mom and I cannot wait to let you in on the vision and plan for 2022!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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