Important: Five Minute Friday

The Five Minute Friday Link-up community is back at it again with the first prompt of 2022. Each week writers from all over the globe write on the same topic as prompted by Five Minute Friday. It’s a fun way to get creative and to meet others who write and create as well. This week the prompt is: Important.

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Here is my five minutes of unedited writing on this week’s prompt:

With each new year, we find our selves setting intentions or goals. We reflect on growth (or lack thereof) in the previous year and we resolve to make the best out of the next 365 days. Although it is important to orient ourselves toward goals, it is equally important to appreciate the people and memories from the previous year.

While I’m a huge advocate for fixing our eyes on the future and not dwelling on past mistakes or downfalls, there is something to be said about the practice of looking back and taking inventory of those that have shaped us into our current state.

For 2022, I have BIG goals. I’ve drafted resolutions and tried to place time in my calendar to make those goals my 2022 reality. I’ve dreamed and laid a foundation for 2022 to be the year of so many blessings.

But what about 2021?

Like everyone else, the past year had some definite moments of aching. But it’s not as though I experienced 365 days of pain and fear. And if I really reflect, I’m certain there were more victories than failures in that calendar year.

I completed my Master’s program

My school returned to in-person instruction

I received my Covid vaccines and booster

I went to the beach THREE times

I met some pretty awesome people

Many of my friendships flourished

We were able to travel back to England as travel bans were lifted

I planned and executed the launch of my new business

And many more…

You see, there is always a silver lining. As I planned out my 2022 resolutions, I tried to be aware that growth is important to my future, but so is living in the moment and appreciating those blessings in my life now–no matter how big or small they might be.

What victories can you recall from 2021?

The Ameri Brit Mom

11 thoughts on “Important: Five Minute Friday

  1. I agree, 2021 was a challenging year but it is good to look back and appreciate the good moments too. For me many of those were getting back into things we hadn’t been able to do because of covid like in-person church and playing music with others.

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  2. I’m not worried ’bout what comes,
    don’t matter if I burn or thrive
    for I have the plum of plums
    that on this day I am alive.
    It don’t matter, yesterday,
    that’s all gone in dust and smoke,
    and right now I’m gonna play
    and treat disaster as a joke
    for I’ve been through the crucible,
    saw the death-cup placed for me,
    and in God’s own time was able
    to skate from grave to victory
    across a dessicated land
    holding to my Saviour’s hand.


  3. I, too, think there is much value in looking back. We cannot stay there or redo the past, but there is always something to learn and to gain….and always much for which to be grateful!!

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