Covid In The House…

For nearly two years we have avoided bringing Covid-19 into our house. Thanks in part to hand washing and vaccines, we kept the virus out of our bodies. But Omicron found its way into my nine year-old this week and entered our home as a most uninvited guest.

So far, symptoms are mild. Some cold chills and coughs are all that marked the arrival of Covid-19.

Since Thursday we have quarantined as a family and it has reminded us of those months in 2020 when we were housebound and nervous about contracting the novel Covid-19. We are keeping ourselves busy, but the hardest part of this quarantine is keeping sisters apart. Luckily our nine year-old was fully vaccinated, but our three year-old did not have that option.

We’ve been filling our days with a healthy mix between productivity and fun. I’ve used this time to get ahead on some projects for The Ameri Brit Mom and I’ve been reading a lot as well. Our oldest has been sequestered to her bedroom, but she is getting plenty of snacks and attention. I know she is bored, but we are getting creative. We even Facetimed her to read books together 🙂

We still have four days left of this family quarantine. This has been a great “slow down” for us to remember what is important in life and to focus on our physical and mental health as both individuals and as a family.

If you have had Covid-19 or found yourself in quarantine what are some things you have done to pass the time?

The Ameri Brit Mom

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