Family Cookie Drop

For Christmas this year we were gifted a scratch-off book full of family adventures. During the months leading up to Christmas my Facebook feed suggested that I may be interested in this gift idea. As I looked deeper into the book, I realized that this was something that my family may enjoy. Wednesday nights are our Family Nights and I thought this book would be a great tool for planning things to do as a family.

The Adventure Challenge Family Edition book

The Adventure Challenge Family Edition

The rules are simple. When the family has chosen a box (based on the clues) they must complete the task that is revealed by scratch-off. The clues on the side of the task let you know how to plan for activity and make it easy as parents to narrow down which activities are available. We told the girls that since it was cold, we needed an indoor activity which meant they needed to choose a task with a picture of a house as a clue. The girls combed through the book and settled on an activity whose clue seemed the most interesting.

Our first challenge was:

The challenge was to bake cookies and deliver them to the front porch of an person chosen by the family.

Together, we agreed upon who we would be baking for. We baked a couple of dozen chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and had a blast watching them take shape and turn golden inside the oven. Next, we wrote a letter to those who would receive our cookies and sent them a message to let them know we were on our way. The girls dressed in pajamas and we set off into the dark evening to drop a plate of cookies and our note on the porch of some people we really care about.

This first adventure was a lot of fun and we are really excited to see what we scratch off next! There are many editions to this book so if you find yourself intrigued check out all of the options.

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