Stretch: Five Minute Friday

I am joining the Five Minute Friday writing community today. Together, we publish writings based on a common prompt. This week the prompt is: Stretch.

On Tuesday my youngest will turn FOUR.

Every year I get emotional on my girls’ birthdays, but this year there’s cause for a more tears and anxieties than any birthday I can recall.

Childcare in a post-Covid world is tough. Centers near us are cutting back their enrollment numbers and being selective about who they will let in. Knowing that some places have waiting lists that haven’t moved all year we decided in January to reach out and get our daughter on some waiting lists for the fall. Many of the places we reached out to said it may be six months to a year before they have an opening. I was fine with that, because it gave us a chance to plan ahead, but to also keep-on with our current arrangements.

Yesterday, out-of-the-blue, our daughter was offered a spot at a local pre-school. With only 24 hours to respond to the offer, my husband and I had to quickly weigh the options of accepting or passing on this spot.

To say that my stomach has been knots for the past 24 hours is an understatement.

We have had a great gig for the first three years of her life. She has gone to our next door neighbor’s house since she was nine months old. Their bond is so special and although we knew it would have to end at some point, it is breaking my heart to take her from that loving, familiar environment so abruptly.

She is ready for pre-school in every way. When we toured the facility this morning she had such a great time, and introduced herself to new friends and classmates. As we left she asked when she could come back because she had so much fun.

I know that this is a good thing. It may even be a God-thing. But, it is hard on the emotions when such huge change occurs quickly. I am an Enneagram ONE and I like to stick to a plan or schedule. This disruption to my plan has really shaken me up and stretched me beyond the safety of predictability.

Ultimately, starting her in pre-school will be a blessing. It’s just hard to see the blessing through the shifting fog. Once we are settled in the new normal, I am confident that we will be happy with this decision.

No matter my resistence to change, my baby is about to turn FOUR this week. I cannot wait to celebrate her in the nex few days!

The Ameri Brit Mom

11 thoughts on “Stretch: Five Minute Friday

  1. Fellow 1 here… that quick change makes ME sweat! She will do great, I’m positive. I was always a nervous wreck when my kiddos started school, but they thrive once there. I know your girl will, too. Solidarity from FMF #22


  2. We care for them with all our might,
    give each day our very best,
    for one day they will take flight;
    tear-stained, we watch them leave the nest
    with courage shining from their eyes;
    was it we who put it there,
    to help them through the cloud-bright skies
    to the realm of upper air?
    And then they pause, and swiftly turn,
    run back to again embrace
    us for what we helped them learn,
    and at this moment, face to face,
    we see their lives are pointed toward
    the God of Grace, our Holy Lord.

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  3. I remember this like it was yesterday and my baby is a full fledged teen now! I’m a 6 and we’re planners too! Hang in there. It’s nice to “meet” you. – Allie


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