Enneagram Four

This week I am taking a look at the eccentric and unique qualities that make up an Enneagram Four. Not only are Fours masters of creativity, but they long to fulfill a special role in their relationships. In their quest for love, Fours may come on a little strong,

they pack the emotional punch to follow through. Reading about Enneagram Fours in The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron has really helped me to better understand the best ways to interact with the Fours in my life to ensure that I am promoting their mental health by my responses to their projections.

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Enneagram Four: The Romantic

Triad– The Feeling or Heart Triad (2,3,4)

Security Number– When Fours are feeling healthy and balanced they lean into the positive attributes of a Two (The Helper)

Stress Number- When Fours are stressed and living in an unhealthy mind space, they take on the undesirable attributes of a One (The Improver)

Deadly Sin-Envy

The Ameri Brit Mom

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