Coffee (my top 3): Five Minute Friday

We have made it to the conclusion of another work week. It’s Friday morning and I am amped up to join my FMF community for our weekly link-up. The encouragement I receive from these writers is unlike any other writing community I have been a part of. Each week I can count on blessings from other members in my inbox and I am thankful for their wisdom and prayers in my growth as an author. This week we are writing on the prompt: Coffee.

If you know me in-real-life you know that I spend quite a bit of my day with a mug or tumbler of coffee in my hand. I’ve moved beyond addiction to the smooth, warming goodness and would say we have a very cordial friendship, Coffee and I. For two years I have been dairy-free (or more accurately dairy-limited) and so I’ve learned to drink my coffee black. Sometimes my order is met by funny looks at restraunts or coffee counters, but I’m proud of myself for not needing to add the unhealthiest elements of the drink to my cups.

Because I do not mask my coffee with cream and sugar I am a bit of a coffee snob. I don’t really like the “cheap stuff” from the grocery store because I can’t hide the acidity or strange taste under the charm of add-ins. Since being introduced to the Ohio-based coffee company, Silverbridge, I have fallen in love with their flavored coffees due to the subtle hints of delciously unique flavors. I decided to share with you my three absolute favorite bags of coffee to purchase for home brewing from Silverbridge Coffee Company:

Highlander Grogg: Silverbridge

Sticky Bun: Silverbridge

Jamaican Me Crazy: Silverbridge

The Ameri Brit Mom

14 thoughts on “Coffee (my top 3): Five Minute Friday

  1. Thanks for the suggestions!! I would love to find a flavored coffee that actually tastes good..and not fake-tasting. The names always sound so yummy (and so often lure me in) but I am almost always disappointed. I am going to try one of these!! Have a great weekend!

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  2. Coffee tinged with cinnamon,
    coffee flavoured chocolate,
    coffee that just can’t go wrong,
    coffee muffins on the plate.
    Coffee-flavoured chicken
    (I did not know that they could!)
    but it’s finger-lickin’
    so (wait for it) doggone good!
    Pizza touched with Taster’s Choice,
    Yuban sprinkled on Big Mac;
    coffee-holics have a voice,
    are now on the attack
    to bring the most and bestest flavour
    to the church communion wafer.

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  3. Lauren, I have not ever heard of this brand. I have to admit my favorite coffee is a cheap one from the grocery store. While I have tried top brands, none has tasted as good. I love the names of the flavors above and flavors always intrigue me. Then when I try them out, I go back to my cheap stuff, regular, black and without sugar šŸ™‚ This week’s prompt was such fun!

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  4. I’ve the the Silverbridge Highlander Grogg!! My son gave me a bag for Christmas or birthday a couple years ago, and it was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. I’m not a big fan of flavored coffee (most have a stronger smell than taste IMO) but Grogg is awesome!

    visiting (late) from FMF


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