Chaperoning DC: Flight 93 Memorial and Pentagon (Day One)

Over the past week I chaperoned a group of 121 high school students in Washington DC. Each day this week I will recap that trip with photos and descriptions day-by-day. Although I have visited DC on several occassions, this was a trip of a lifetime. I was able to walk along the nation’s capital with some of my closest teacher friends and current students. Generally, this is a middle school trip, but because our ninth and tenth grade students were robbed of this experience due to Covid-19 our district approved an additional trip this year to give these students an opportunity to tour the city.

Flight 93 Memorial

We travelled using the Executive Charter bus company out of Cincinatti, Ohio. With stops every two hours, we stretched our legs and gave the amazing drivers a break. Without stops, this journey would take approximately 6 hours.

In Pennsylvania, we put on the Flight 93 movie for students to watch so that as the film finished, we pulled up to the memorial in Shanksville, PA. This experience was highly immersive and emotional.

The Pentagon

Our head chaperone was meeting us in DC because he also chaperoned an 8th grade trip that concluded the same day as our arrival. He met us outside of the Pentagon brandishing our school flag.

We gathered as a group and discussed the importance of the Pentagon especially in the timeline of the September 11th attacks. Then, we turned students loose to explore the memorial on the grounds. After a day on the bus this was a great chance to get our legs moving and students enjoyed the opportunity to pair off and pay tribute to those whose lives were lost in this horrific act of terrorism.

That was the end of our first day in Washington DC. From the Pentagon, we traveled to the hotel, got situated in our immaculate rooms, and ordered pizzas. Tomorrow, I will share the second leg of the journey with you.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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