Science Plus Miracles

I am so proud to introduce you to a new blog–Science Plus Miracles, written and curated by my best friend, Ashley.

On her blog, Ashley describes her journey to motherhood. I can remember walking alongside her for months as she and her husband struggled to start their family. As a Christian couple they were met with trials that challenged their faith, but ultimately brought them closer to Christ. Science Plus Miracles is a blog that brings awareness to PCOS and infertility, but it is also a resource of encouragement for those who are still fighting those battles.

Each week, Ashley publishes to her blog with stories and lessons that she has learned along her journey. Inspired by her own story, Ashley sought to publish a blog for those whose journey to motherhood is not the typical one. Many of her posts were written in journals during her own trials. Additionally, she has written devotionals for future mothers–those who are waiting on their science plus miracles.

Now, Ashley is the mother of three beautiful boys. Science and miracles collided to build her family and now she writes to encourage others who are waiting on these things for themselves.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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