Stir: Five Minute Friday

Welcome back to another Five Minute Friday link-up post. Last week, I was in Disney World making memories with my family. Summer vacation is a great time to reset and enjoy moments with the ones we love. Today, I’m a littled stumped on how to address the prompt, so whatever you read below will be a total surprise to even me. I’m freewriting below with no outline and no prep. This week our prompt is Stir.

My heart is stirred to think about how so many people in our world feel that to be their true selves is to abandon faith and relationships. In the midst of Pride Month, I am stirred to remind each of you that ALL PEOPLE are worthy of love. What people decide to do in their bedrooms or who they choose to love is no concern of anyone else’s. I’m saddened to hear stories of members of the LGBTQ+ community who have left behind their faith because they felt unwelcome or unloved by those claiming to be Christ followers.

Jesus never would have treated people that way!

Whether you believe homosexuality is a sin or not there is no excuse for making another human feel unaccepted. In fact, Jesus spent most of his time with those that society had named outcasts.

This isn’t a political argument. Nor is it aimed at a particular group of religious individuals. Rather, I am appealing to everyone to show love to your fellow man. All humans should be afforded the space and respect to be their authentic selves without fear of abandonment or rejection from those who mean the most to them.

I am stirred to show love at all times.

May you also be stirred to show respect and love to EVERYONE in your life.

The Ameri Brit Mom

5 thoughts on “Stir: Five Minute Friday

  1. This is such a great way to approach the prompt of “stir”. I would have started talking about tea 😂 But you make some excellent points. I’m not religious and it angers to me hear the opinion of some people who are, around Pride month and homosexuality in general. Love is love is love.

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