Twenty: Five Minute Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m over in the UK visiting family during the month of July. I’ve been a little less present on here as I’ve been enjoying the slow British lifestyle. This week I’m joining the Five Minute Friday community and our prompt is Twenty.

Twenty years ago I was twelve. My world was small, but everything seemed so large. Every problem, fight, or accomplishment was all encompassing. As a preteen in Ohio, I never dreamed that in twenty years’ time I’d be writing a blog post from a home in England. Doubtful I could even point out England on the map of the world.

Twenty years has brought me so much to fuel feelings of blessing.

I’ve finished schooling (all the way up to my Master’s Degree in English from BGSU). At twenty years of age, I married the love of my life–and my family and world expanded to include England as a permanent fixture. Two lovely girls have entered my life since that time and brought with them sunshine and an extra dose of purpose. Twelve years ago I began teaching in a position that I’ve been blessed by in innumerable ways. I’ve also bought a home and adopted a pet cat.

Those are all giant ways in which my world has expanded since twenty years ago, but there are many small ways in which I have changed and grown. I’ve learned to appreciate the small moments and to not take people or blessings for granted. The health of myself and loved ones has become a priority because I aim to have many more years ahead. I’m feeling extra sentimental this morning as I consider these changes over the past twenty years.

The Ameri Brit Mom

8 thoughts on “Twenty: Five Minute Friday

  1. How wonderful it was for you to recap what has happened in 20 years for you!
    I need to write a post like that in the future!
    The past me celebrates the today me.
    Jennifer, FMF two doors down 🙂


  2. Amazing how much life can be lived in just 20 years! What a tribute to God’s goodness and abundant blessings! Here’s to the next 20 years:) Enjoy your visit…yes, I am more than just a bit envious!:)


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