Chance: Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday, and finally the heat spell has broken in the UK! This week the weather broke records and while it felt like we may all just melt we have survived in a country lacking the infrastructure to stand up to excessive heat. I’m joining my positive writing community at Five Minute Friday for this week’s theme: Chance.

What are the chances that I will make it home next week without delay?

I’ve been following the news out of London Heathrow, and things are looking grim. So many long-haul delays and flight cancellations flood my newsfeed. I’ll be heading home at the end of the month, and I am not looking forward to all that is involved with airport travel.

Security can take ages when you travel with a family of four. I’ve stood in lines at Customs for over an hour with a whining toddler in tow. Airports are not always the most efficient at moving people from Point A to Point B.

The chances are pretty high that we will spend more time than at the airport next week.

And if I am stranded in an airport next Friday, chances are that I’ll not be able to join in on the weekly link-up.

Here’s to hoping my chances are better than I’m predicting for arriving home without interruption. If all goes to plan, I’ll be joining you all next week from AMERICA.

The Ameri Brit Mom

11 thoughts on “Chance: Five Minute Friday

  1. Really hope that you return
    soon, to cherished house and home,
    but my life has made me learn
    air travel is a Twilight Zone
    where luggage-ghosts haunt carousels,
    and custom’s staffed by dull trainees
    in whom smug obfuscation dwells…
    oh, it can bring you to your knees,
    but I implore, please don’t go there,
    for they are always watching you.
    If your actions look like prayers
    the first thing they’re gonna do
    is slap the zip-ties on your wrist
    as a suspected terrorist.


  2. Great post. I’ve found it helpful to pray for favour and God’s pathway ahead of situations where you have little control. And wisdom to know when to change plans to allow for God’s favour. Praying His blessings on your week ahead and your trip. Your FMF neighbour at #2 this week


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