Become: Five Minute Friday

It’s been a busy week in our household. Parent-Teacher conferences, field trips, sickness, and family commitments have made us into some busy people. I am so happy to be sitting down to write with my Five Minute Friday community this morning before kicking off a weekend that is equally as busy as my week. As I pour my coffee and settle into my favorite writing spot, I am excited to share with you about this week’s topic: become.

I struggled this summer. Mentally I wasn’t always in a great place and I found it difficult to cope with some things going on in my personal life (and in the lives of those close to me.) I felt off-balance and did not take enough time to cultivate ME. Reminders of aging plagued me and left me wishing to rewind the clock. All along, my faith took a backseat ride and some days lost its spot in the car altogether.

I am trying to pick up the pieces, but I also must remember that I cannot become some past version of myself. Today, I am different than I was yesterday and as a healthy adult I should be evolving in this way. Some days I find myself trying to reclaim the faith of a twenty-something, but I must remember that with age and experience come new beliefs and challenges.

The Lauren of my twenties is gone. I must stop mourning her. I am older, wiser, more confident, and self aware. Lately, I am much better at articulating my opinions. I am close to a few, but friendly to just about anyone. I am obsessed with family. My friends are important, but we are busy and respect that we are traveling our own paths that intersect from time to time. My faith is evolving alongside my personal growth to reflect all I have learned over time.

I value comfort over fashion. Books are my favorite escape. Nothing beats a chat, a couple of glasses of wine, and a patio watching a sunset. Coffee will always be my beverage of choice (it must be hot and black before noon-then I might consider an iced coffee.) Candles and yoga keep me grounded and I’ve developed a bit of ADD which leaves me notoriously forgetful.

This is the Lauren I have become.

The Ameri Brit Mom

One thought on “Become: Five Minute Friday

  1. The future’s looking kinda bleak,
    and it’s clear I was not made to last,
    so I’m becoming what I seek,
    a rockin’ blast from my own past.
    I’ve been folded, spindled, burned,
    plaything of cancer’s harsh glee,
    so I will toss what I have learned
    and become the ‘Jackass’ best of me,
    pulling dumb stunts when I’m able,
    telling dumb jokes when I’m not,
    dancing on the kitchen table
    with cup of sake (piping hot!),
    and this seems the best life to choose
    when you’ve nothing left to lose.


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