While: Five Minute Friday

It’s been a while since I last joined my Five Minute Friday community. The fall is such a busy time for our family and so each moment to pause and write seems like a fleck of gold in a sea of rushing waters. This week our prompt is While.

While I have been away my heart has grown and stretched.

I’ve opened up to new ideas and experienced some rest.

I wrestled with God and like Jacob left injured and blessed-

All because I listened and took the time to invest.

While I’ve been away I embraced the beauty of the fall.

Like the gorgeous leaves now dropping, I learned the beauty in the raw.

I let my heart bleed on the pages as my pen moved with each scrawl.

With tears down my cheek, I learned to live by following the call.

While I’ve been away family has been my priority.

The time we have together is the most precious thing to me.

On this journey together, I hope to never miss a scene.

Because their hearts are golden like the flecks in a rushing sea.

While I’ve been away I’ve listened, fasted, and prayed.

I’ve let the Lord direct my steps and not always known the way.

Through faith I’m learning that tough questions are always okay.

My God can handle the wrestling match in order to build my faith.

The Ameri Brit Mom

6 thoughts on “While: Five Minute Friday

  1. I’m so glad you’ve had time away with your family. It sounds lovely! I have taken many breaks from blogging through the years. I always come back, but I need some time away to focus on other things at periods. I pray you have that balance always.
    Jennifer, FMF Neighbor


  2. What a lovely, heartfelt poem!

    Finding balance can be so hard…for me, physically…

    I gain my feet through labour,
    for there’s a tumour in my leg.
    I won’t ask for favour
    (I’m not the sort to beg),
    but I might put in just a word
    (He’s Almighty, hang it all!),
    for this is getting quite absurd;
    I take one step and then I fall.
    Perhaps now I should really wear
    pads on elbow and on knee
    and on head, for ’twas a scare
    to hit my swede and then not see
    for a while out of one eye…
    so I guess the begging-time’s come nigh.


  3. “My God can handle the wrestling match in order to build my faith.” I loved all of your post, but this jumped out for me. I’m so glad He can handle the wrestling match – we’ve had many. Thanks so much for sharing. Kath


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