Five Minute Friday: Bacon

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is Bacon, an odd choice but I’m going for it. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. You can head over to Kate Motaung’s page to check out other entries from inspired bloggers. Here’s my five minutes of uninterrupted, unedited writing on this week’s topic:


What is the bacon craze, America? Seriously, a fatty, greasy, and unhealthy portion of pig is becoming quite our obsession. I’ve never really understood this insanity. What is appealing in this cholesterol-packed delicacy? Bacon has gone from breakfast food to pizza topping in a matter of years. Yesterday I even ordered a salad at a restaurant and bacon came standard on top. I’m having to order all meals with the concluding statement, “hold the bacon.”

Growing up bacon was tolerable. I would occasionally encounter bacon at breakfast time, but only if I was dining out. Mom never made bacon, and for that I am truly grateful. When I was pregnant in 2012, I quickly picked up an aversion to anything with bacon. I developed a sixth sense and could smell bacon from a mile away. The smell alone made me nauseous at that point in time. Postpartum, things didn’t really change too much between me and bacon. The only difference is that bacon became more present in society: on burgers, pizza, salads, and now you can even get chocolate covered bacon at cafes and candy shops. What!?!

I know this post won’t win me any popularity contests. I realize I am an outcast in my own society. I cringe whenever my husband awakes on a Saturday morning and pulls out the frying pan to make bacon. I desperately wanted my daughter to hate it as I do, but alas, she favors it quite well.