My Sister on Her Graduation Day

Today is the day that my baby sister graduates high school. I know it is probably about time that I stop referring to her as the baby, but when you can remember teaching someone to talk, walk, and read they will forever be young in your eyes. My eighteen year old sister is one-of-a-kind. She has always been such a driven and focused person. There is nothing in her life that she has not given 100% of herself to accomplish. She works hard always and sets goals for herself that are above and beyond those of others her age. Sometimes I forget that she is only eighteen because her wisdom is beyond her years.

Happy graduation, Morgan! Enjoy your day and congratulations on being the salutatorian for the class of 2015! We are so proud of you!!!

IMG_0767Pre-School Graduation (2001)

IMG_0769Little Miss Pumpkin Show (2003)

IMG_0785 Thanksgiving (2007)

IMG_0784 Last day of elementary school (2008)

IMG_0783 (1) my wedding (2011)

IMG_0780 London (2013)

IMG_0781 London (2013)

IMG_0779 Portsmouth (2013)

IMG_0782 Go carting in Eastleigh (2013)

IMG_0778 Ashley’s Wedding (2014)