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Dressing and Educating: Days 120-123


Day 120: February 21, 2017

After a long President’s Day weekend I entered my room with energy and excitement for the week ahead. In English, we read “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst. As we read, we paid particular attention to the author’s use of theme and symbol. This is one of my favorite short stories to teach as the lessons are deep and important.

In Honors World History my students prepared for debates later in the week with a class period devoted to online research and collaboration with debate partners.

I wore a black and white dress from Francesca’s, black OS leggings from Lula Roe and Toms.



Day 121: February 22, 2017

It was a beautiful Wednesday with sunshine and sixty degree temperatures. I opened my windows during class and allowed the fresh air to circulate the room. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can motivate students to do. In English, my classes further analyzed “The Scarlet Ibis.” They reviewed the text with a partner and focused on new vocabulary as well.

In Honors World History we quickly discussed the use of poison gases in World War I before returning to debate research.

I wore a black sweater and khakis from Old Navy.



Day 122: February 23, 2017

Just when I thought Ohio weather couldn’t get weirder it hit seventy-five degrees today. This time last year we were on Snow Day #4 in my district. For the second day in a row I had my windows cracked during class and we worked with the background noise of the great outdoors.

In English we reviewed the Scarlet Ibis today with a game of Kahoot! and a written activity. In Honors World History, my students began their group debates on which country was to blame for the start of World War I.

I wore OS leggings from Lula Roe, a navy tunic from The Limited, and red Toms from Stitch Fix.



Day 123: February 24, 2017

The short week came to a close today. It was another beautiful day with sunshine and warm temperatures. My English students took an online assessment over The Scarlet Ibis short story. I wrote the quiz to model the format of the AIR test (Ohio’s standardized test.) In Honors World History, my students completed their debates. Some groups did a great job with the debates going above and beyond expectations.

Today I wore an olive knit top from Primark in England, jeans from Charlotte Russe, and Sperrys.

Which look was your favorite this week?


The Ameri Brit Mom

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How We Roe


We are in the middle of my husband’s Upward Celebration season. He is an endorsed performer for Upward and spends much of February and March doing shows for different leagues across our region.

Over the next three weeks he will be performing at eight different locations. It makes for a busy two months, but he is able to use his gifts for ministry and that’s something that makes him happy. I support him in this busy time and travel with him when I can. On those days where I can’t go with him I enjoy spending time with my daughter. It’s a season of bonding for us.

To show his gratitude for our patience during this time my husband bought my daughter and I matching leggings from Lula Roe. We had fun mixing and matching our outfits, doing our hair, and painting our nails to match as well.

This is how we Roed at church yesterday in our matching attire. I paired my one size leggings with a Perfect T.

After church, we had a birthday party to attend so I swapped out my Perfect T for a Carly dress. This is the most comfortable dress. I also pattern mixed for the first time. I’ve always been weird about wearing pattern-on-pattern, but this was a good first mix since black seems to go with just about anything.

I’m so in love with Lula Roe. Check out my post, Lula Roe Review for more details and a link to purchase from my consultant, Ashley.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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LulaRoe Review

download (2)

A few months ago I had never heard of the direct sales company, LulaRoe, but it seems like almost overnight the company has taken off. LulaRoe has become a household name. Chances are if you run into a fashion conscious woman and ask her about LulaRoe she will be familiar with their products. I had been browsing their inventory online for a few weeks, and after a discussion with a friend I decided to purchase a pair of their One-Size Leggings.


Because of Facebook I was able to find a consultant. My distant cousin, Ashley, is a consultant and posts her inventory online which made it easy for me to find what I like and purchase straight from the comfort of my own home. Within a couple of days the package arrived at my door and I was so excited to slip into the buttery-soft leggings.

My love for LulaRoe began that day.

The One-Size leggings were a perfect fit (despite my skeptical curiosity before trying them on–how could one size leggings fit so many different sizes?–I still don’t know the answer, but it is true) The leggings were so comfortable and soft. They were almost like a second layer of skin. If I could, I would wear a pair every day of the week. I also loved how they could be worn both casually or as work attire depending how it was paired with a top or dress.

So as if I needed any encouragement to continue making purchases from LulaRoe my consultant gave me an instant opportunity to try multiple pieces on. Although she lives in Pennsylvania she was headed back to Ohio for her son’s birthday the following week. She asked if I would be willing to open my house for a Pop-Up Boutique Party. It was short notice, but I decided to go for it. Last Wednesday I got to experience my first LulaRoe Party in my own living room.

Ashley showed up with a full car an hour before the party. Then I just sat back and enjoyed the magic of watching her unload tote after tote of beautiful garments. From a hostess’ perspective it was one of the easiest direct sales parties. I prepared to offer a couple of finger foods, but the nature of a Pop Up Boutique Party doesn’t really require much other than a location from the hostess and space for people to try things on.

These types of parties are simply just an open house. There was no presentation. No games. No passing products around. No seating to prepare. And no awkward lag waiting for everyone to arrive. My house was open for two hours for friends to come and go as they pleased. Once they arrived they were free to shop without the pressure of shop employees.

For a party thrown together in less than a week I had a fantastic turnout. Several women from my church and family came and everyone left with at least one purchase.

LulaRoe is unique in that there are no catalogs for the company. Each consultant has their own inventory and they can only sell what they have on hand. Also, the company only makes a limited number of the same pattern/print so when you purchase a piece from their collection you know that you have just scored a unique item that very few people in the world will also own.

If you haven’t ever tried on their clothes I highly recommend attending a live party. You can do online parties, but I learned at the party that each style is sized a little differently. I wear a small in some shirts and a XS in others. I really enjoyed getting to try things on and playing around with different styles. Everything they make is so comfortable and appropriate. I learned from my consultant that the woman who began the company comes from a Mormon background. That explains why you won’t find any immodest slits or cuts on their products. Watch this video for more information about how this company started.

I’ll wrap things up today with a look at what I snagged at my LulaRoe Pop Up Boutique party:

For hosting a live party I received one free pair of leggings so here is my second pair of One Size Leggings.


Also, for hosting I got one free item since my consultant sold more than ten items throughout the party. I got the new Lindsay Kimono free.


Then, I paid for the following items:


Classic T $35



Perfect T $36



Randy $35

Do you have any questions about LulaRoe? Do you have a favorite piece or pattern? I’d love to hear what you think about this up and coming company!

The Ameri Brit Mom