Laugh: Five Minute Friday

I’m home with two sick kids today. Influenza A has struck our household and ruined a lot of plans this week. Sam and I took turns staying home with them, so today’s my day. I’m joining my Five Minute Friday community today while the girls sleep in cozy spots on the couch and while Boss Baby plays at a low volume in the background. This week our prompt is Laugh.

As an Enneagram One, I tend to take life and myself seriously. My expectations are high and unmet standards often lead to frustration. I get anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed naturally and don’t need much to go “off-plan” in order for those negative temperments to eclipse the joy and laughter that I often seek.

That’s why we aren’t meant to do life alone.

On our own, each of us can be a bit much. Maybe your struggle isn’t perfectionism, but something in your personality toolbox when left unchecked can bring you down.

God has gifted me with friends and family of every other Enneagram number that help bring balance to my personality type.

I need a Two to remind me that life isn’t about me. Threes help me to channel my energy efficiently. Fours encourage me to embrace my creative energy and thinking. Fives give me the power to question the world and my own motives–they also remind me to be calm in the midst of chaos. Sixes bring out some of the negatives in me, but also show such tangible loyalty that I’m safe to feel all things with the promise of their continued friendship. Sevens bring the party and help me to lighten up and live in the moment. Eights seek justice and challenge me to consider other ways of thinking. And most importantly (because this is my husband), Nines bring peace to all that wars in my mind.

I have a lot to laugh about today.

Poetic irony. Naive four-year-old worldviews. Silly moments in the classroom like getting called “Mom” several times a day. Friendship. Self reflection. Television shows. Books.

All of these things bring cause for laughter to my life.

May I not take myself so seriously. May this day at home with sick girls be filled with glimpses of joy and laughter between all of the napping and hydration. May laughter be the background noise to a mind focused on doing my best. May I learn to laugh when I am reminded that perfection is a myth.

The Ameri Brit Mom