Navy Blue Notebook

Welcome to my very own Creative Writing Month where each day of the month I am focusing on a topic and spending fifteen minutes reflecting and writing as inspired by the topic. For more information about why and how check out my post, Writing Down the Bones.

Today’s topic: Pick a color. Take a walk and notice all the things that color and write about it.


The color navy blue has captured my attention lately. The halls in the school where I teach are lined with navy lockers. Floors of navy and gold tiles line the pathways from each classroom down never ending corridors. My wardrobe today is reflecting my adoration for the color as my camisole and trousers match the array. Students pass me as I journey the campus all adorned in their navy and gold regalia.  But of all things navy blue in my close quarters today I must discourse about my notebook.

My notebook. My lifeblood. Where my thoughts go to live.

It is rare to find me in a place without this notebook. A phone with a notebook app will never quench my insatiable desire to put pen to paper and really bleed onto a page.

My notebook contains thoughts, prayers, quotes, stories, and ideas for my writing.

When given the luxury of a few moments alone I turn to the navy blue, leather-bound, spiral vault of ideas. This small book embodies the restlessness of my mind. To an outsider this book may seem like a jumbled mess, but to me it is my life. The things I ponder and those I cherish are all contained herein.

So although my eye was met today with a variety of navy blue objects I am drawn most of all to the smallest of those objects which I store in my large navy and green purse: my Writer’s Notebook.

*If you choose to write on the same creative topic/prompt as the one above please link your writing in a comment below! Happy Creative Writing month 🙂