Friendship: It’s a God-thing

In a previous post “It Takes a Village” I eluded to the fact that in a future post I was going to write about my friend from our church group who has recently become a babysitter for our daughter. This is that post.

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to go about discussing all that God has done and shown me and my family through this new and awesome friend and I know that the words I could form to describe this friendship will fall short of what it is…a God-thing.

Let me start off with the fact that I tend to attract people in my life that are nothing like myself. Almost all of the people in my life that I hold near and dear to me happen to be absolutely nothing like me in personality, interest, and skill set. This is very fortunate for me because I get a chance to meet so many different types of people and to have unique experiences in my life as a result of those people that I might otherwise not have. My husband and I are complete polar opposites in so many ways, yet we believe ourselves to be a perfect fit. We tend to find that what one of us lacks the other more than makes up for.

Anyway, this is relevant to my friendship because my new friend, Katy, is nothing like myself. It may be easier to list what we have in common as opposed to ways in which we are different.

We both…

1. Are married

2. Live in Ohio

3. Ran competitively in High School

4. Go to the same church

5. Like essential oils

And…I’m struggling to come up with much more.

The beauty in our friendship is that we both learn so much from each other (let’s be honest I learn way more from her than she does from me). We could, and sometimes do, spend hours just talking because we both are so interested in one another since we are so vastly different. Katy is handy, whereas I’m good at breaking things. Katy is awesome with animals, whereas I go weeks without remembering to change my cat’s litter box (I should probably do that now). Katy is resourceful, whereas I just am not. I’m sure I bring something more to this friendship than these things, but this post is intended to brag on my friend not myself so I’ll stop there.

A little under a year ago I met Katy at our first church small group (cLife) meeting at a new church. She and her husband were the only couple in the group close to our age. We continued to get to know each other over the next couple of months. Our friendship took a turn when Katy began sitting for our daughter in October. That situation in and of itself was a God-thing the way it worked out (I discuss this idea further in my post, “It Takes a Village”)

Over the next few months we grew to know each other better and this is where God has an even bigger hand in our friendship…

Background: Last November my husband was in a bad accident. Our new(er) Ford Focus was totaled in the accident due to the driver of a car behind my husband on the free way texting and driving. We owed a lot of money on the car at the time (which we are still chipping away at). At the time we had been saving up to purchase a second car (one for me to drive to work…a very short commute) We had to use what money we had saved for a second car to purchase a new primary car. For the next year we made it work. My husband has a 45 minute commute (without traffic) and he would drop me off and pick me up after school each day. This gave me a lot of free time in my classroom, which I never got angry about. I found ways to fill my time and not complain about the situation.

After a year of the crazy schedules which oftentimes left one of us stranded while the other was at work, practice, or spending time with friends, we finally got a new car. However, this car was not an additional purchase and added debt. This car was a gift.

Over the Christmas season Katy and her husband had been fixing up a car for my husband and I. One night at our cLife group Katy and her husband pulled up in a new car and gave the keys to my husband and I. These two handy people had left us completely speechless. What kind of friend gives their friend a car? Seriously. Despite having no idea this trick was up their sleeves I was completely in awe of the fact that they had used their unique skill sets to fix up a car for us. Their response to our awe was, “God told us to do it.” We quickly went through the legalities of receiving a new vehicle. God is awesome. I cannot fathom how much of a sacrifice these two had made to listen to God. The money it cost to purchase. The parts that needed work. The time and labor involved in fixing up a car like this.

Sometimes I struggle with how to make this up to my dear friends, and then I am reminded that they were being obedient to God. The way I can show my gratitude for this gift and friendship is being obedient to God myself. It’s been a blessing getting to know this family and creating a friendship focused on God and full of honesty and knowledge. And…I might have learned a few lessons along the way (like how not to drain a car battery…or how to jump a battery once dead)

I am so thankful for all of the people God has put in my path. I just felt led to tell the blogging world about how God has been blessing me through this family. Oh, and by the way the whole car battery thing happened this weekend and we spent most of the evening Saturday and tonight figuring out the problem and enjoying a spontaneous dinner at home. So that’s my daily inspiration.

God is good.

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