Ready for Routine

Dear blogging world,

I’m sorry for falling behind in my posts over the past several days. The PARCC tests have taken over my life. My students have been taking the PARCC over the past week and it has been a scheduling nightmare. I’ve spent most of the school day in the computer lab proctoring tests and missing out on the classroom experience. I am so far behind in curriculum due to testing (and the 13 snow days my school has taken on). At some point winter will cease and the testing will be finished, but right now it seems never-ending. I’m trying not to complain and take everything is stride, but as a teacher I am longing for a semblance of routine back in my life. I long to see and TEACH my students again. I long to feel productive and like I’m making a difference. All of these calamity days and testing sessions are causing me to involuntarily lose my motivation. Come on, March…let’s get warmer, sunnier, and calmer.

End of rant.

Mrs. Sisley

9th Grade English/World History Teacher


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