Jillian Michaels Kicked My Butt

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Over the past two weeks I’ve been focusing on my fitness routine. Weather has not permitted me to exercise outside yet, so as I eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring I’ve created a plan for working out different parts of my body. Every other day I’ve completed an elliptical regimen. I’ve sifted through Pinterest and the internet to put together a few elliptical workouts that I’ve found to be beneficial for my fitness level. The most important part for elliptical training for me is to beat the boredom. I try to compliment elliptical training with music or audio books, but I also find that I can beat the boredom by doing short intervals. It keeps me focused on what I’m doing and what’s happening next. I tend to have limited workout time so I try to find the best workouts that will breed solid results in 30 minutes or less. Also, in order to get the best results you want to be sure to alternate elliptical workouts and not constantly do the same thing. Not only is it boring, but you miss out on the intended strength training aspect if you allow your muscles to get acclimated to a regimen. Here’s a look at some sources I’ve found to be beneficial:

9toFit: Nothing like a Elliptical Ladder to get you going on a MONDAY..

burn around 400 calories with this 25 minute elliptical routine! never get bored workout #9tofit

25 Minute Elliptical Workout will give you the best cardio workout! Sweat more than you ever have in 25 minutes.

On the days between my elliptical training I have started something totally new and foreign to me. I’ve always been a runner, but never a strength builder. A few weeks ago a good friend introduced me to the Jillian Michaels’ video workouts. I am no stranger to Jillian Michaels. She is a household icon, but she is oftentimes (mistakenly) credited with being hard core and rude. This prejudice made me a little skeptical of my own ability to complete a Jillian Michaels’ created workout. However, I was pleased when I successfully made my way through a thirty minute routine in my friend’s classroom before parent-teacher conferences. (We totally used dictionaries in her classroom for weights)

It was difficult, but it was so worth it. She may have kicked my butt, but I enjoy the sore feeling after a workout. As I sat at my desk that night discussing student progress with parents I could feel my muscles tightening. That feeling means you did it right and the results are coming. So naturally, I have continued to complete this video workout routine on my own. I’m working my way through the 6 Week 6 Pack video. It isn’t easy, but I am already seeing results after a few sessions. I’ve been tracking my training using my Fitbit App and accomplishing my step goals every day.

A combination of these two workout routines and healthy eating have helped me feel as though I am making some progress toward my New Year’s Resolutions.

I just finished today’s video workout. My calves are throbbing, my abs are tight, and my lower back is worked to the bone. This is what a good butt-kicking feels like.

What are some good butt-kicking workouts you do?

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