The Wait is Over

The long awaited day has arrived.

I awoke this morning to a little something different in the air. Something that made me jump out of bed, select a bright colored (sweater and boot-less) outfit from my walk in closet, and hop in the shower to prepare for the day. For once I was not dreading the nasty weather awaiting me outside. I wasn’t hoping I could build a cocoon in my bed from which I would never escape. I was instead eager to spread my wings and fly beyond the four walls of my home.

Winter had overstayed its welcome. I love the fact that I live in a place that distinctly experiences changing seasons, because each season brings with it new memories and a fresh start. However, I think all midwesterners were like me today and did all they could to soak in the new warmer temperatures and thawing ground. It sure feels like spring is here to stay. From the moment I awoke I could smell it…

Spring is in the Air!

My day at work was productive. I’m looking at the potential for my first uninterrupted five day week of school since mid January. It’s crazy how big of a difference a little sunshine can make to my productivity. As I left school today, the sun was still WIDE awake and shining warmth down on me. I rushed home to my daughter and husband who were more than ready for an outdoor adventure.

I cooked a quick dinner and then the three of us were out the door. Our little family walked the streets of our neighborhood. It has been too long since we were last able to do that. It felt so good. Next we ventured to our neighborhood park. Our daughter enjoyed returning to the playground she had abandoned over the cold winter months. She was even more delighted to learn that she had grown a little bit and was now big enough to play on some of the equipment that she was too small for before the reign of the snow and ice.

She reunited with neighborhood friends. It was so much fun as parents to watch her play and laugh with them.

Since I was in school myself, as a student, spring has been my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the promise of longer hours of daylight and watching everything that once was nearly dead and dreary spring back to life. The colors of spring are vibrant and bring much needed therapy to those who were bound to the inside for so long. The warmer temperatures warrant the wear of lighter and brighter clothing as well. Oh, how I love spring fashion.

So, Spring, feel free to stay. You are welcome to remain for as long as you would like.

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