Fast: Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday and I am jumping back into my favorite link-up, Five Minute Friday.

The end of this school year is coming up fast!

With only 20 days left in the classroom with these students, I am in full wrap-up mode. Next week, I am finishing up my final unit and moving toward assessments and final projects to round out the year.

As fast as things seems to be moving right now, I cannot say the entire school year has been this way. In fact, this has been the LONGEST school year of my career. We have done our best as a staff to transition back into our pre-Covid classroom management and curriculum, but Covid isn’t totally gone. And the scars they’ve left on the education system and our students has made it impossible to return to “business as usual.” This entire school year has been a fight to regain a semblence of normalcy in world that is still trying to define what normal looks like post-Covid. All of us in education have struggled with the balancing act of moving forward when things are still so affected by these past two years.

So as I think about how fast the end is coming I am both sad and excited. I am sad because I know that my year with these students was far from a usual experience. There were favorite lessons I had to scrap and assignments that had to be replaced to fit into this new protocol. I’ve created unique memories with this class, but I am still saddened by the fact that their 180 days in my classroom was unlike any from previous years. I am excited because we all need the rest that awaits us after May 27. Staff and students alike have earned this summer break–and it’s coming FAST!

The Ameri Brit Mom


Explore: Five Minute Friday

Some weeks it feels like I am crawling to the finish line. This is one of those weeks. Spring break starts tomorrow and I’m dragging. Which is why having the Five Minute Friday community is awesome! It’s a built-in date with positive writers and a cup of coffee each week. This week our prompt is: Explore.

On Tuesday morning I will be joining 120+ students from the high school where I teach on a tour of Washington DC. We board coach buses in Ohio bright and early and by dinner time we will be in the US capital city. I am most excited about chaperoning this trip along with some of my friends. As history teachers, I fully expect us to nerd out at places like the Smithsonian and African American History Museum.

The last time I was in DC was college. I planned a trip for a Government course I took and we met with someone from the Senate on that trip. In high school, a family friend was married in the city and so I took a brief trip then as well. And of course, I attended my own 8th grade trip way back in…well, a while ago.

This trip is a special one. Usually the DC trip is an 8th grade adventure, but because the current freshman and sophomore classes did not get to go (due to Covid) our district and trip coordinator worked together to make sure these students get the opportunity to explore the city that is so critical to America and our history as a nation.

So please say a little prayer for my safety and sanity as I embark on a five day excursion with students and colleagues.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Spring: Five Minute Friday

This week I am sitting down to craft my FMF post after a short hiatus. A lot has been going on in my personal life and so I decided to take a week and focus on myself and my family. Today, I feel recharged and ready to tackle the weekend and days ahead. I am excited to reunite for my weekly check-in with the other members of the FMF communuity. Today’s prompt is: Spring.

After many months indoors and working during the hours when the sun was visible, I am overjoyed to enter springtime. This is the time of year when we shake off the cacoons and awaken to the beauty of nature. Morning birdsongs remind us that life is good and that there is room for joy in our lives.

I do not have a favorite season, because each serves a necessary purpose and contributes to the cyclical pattern that regulates our world. However, during Spring is when I am at my happiest. Reuniting with the outdoors is usually all I need to lift my spirits. I find strength in the promise of new life. As flowers bloom and trees begin to clothe themselves once more I am reminded that life is good and that we are all created with a purpose.

Engaging with Spring is also among some of my favorite activities. I love:

a walk in the woods

a bike ride on the trails

planting new seeds

painting the sunrise or sunset

clothing myself in the bright colors inspired by nature

strolling the neighborhood with my family

picnicking after a hike

eating a meal on the porch

As we enter into the first weekend of Spring are you doing anything to celebrate? In Ohio, the temperatures are falling back in to the 40s for the weekend, but I still plan to bundle up and enjoy some outdoor activities with my family. What about you?

The Ameri Brit Mom

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Five Minute Friday: Define

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is Define. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. You can head over to Kate Motaung’s page to check out other entries from inspired bloggers. Here’s my five minutes of uninterrupted, unedited writing on this week’s topic:


With only a few days left in Spring Break I look back and define these days at home with two words: productive and adventurous. Each day I’ve made progress in my writing projects involving revisions and a beta read. We’ve also planned some sort of family activity each day. So far, my favorite has been our urban geocaching adventure (post to come next week.)

It’s been a perfect time to push pause on the school year and look ahead toward the summer that will be here before we know it.

Once spring hits it is hard to keep my focus at school. The weather is nice. State testing tends to take precedence. All the end-of-the-year breaks in routine. Having Spring Break in the middle of all that gives me a chance to refuel for the final weeks of the school year.

Spring break has brought me time to redefine who I am. The winter was a busy time and I struggled to keep my head above water. Over break, I have owned my time and chosen to allocate it according to what is really important. The sun has been shining. The temperatures are warmer. It’s a perfect time to redefine your purpose.

Welcome to my favorite time of the year!

The Ameri Brit Mom


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#Spring Break Goals

Spring Break: Two of the sweetest sounding words for any student or teacher. The terms when used together have the meaning-pretending that it is summer vacation. As a teacher this is my last hiatus before the impending summer. Spring Break is a much anticipated milestone in the educational calendar. This year the break has fallen just before the insanity of the standardized tests my students will be subjected to. Stakes are high and the to-do list at school is endless, but I vow not to think a thought about all of that this week. My mind and body are in serious need of a school detox so I plan to take full advantage of this week to accomplish just that.

This is also our first spring break as a family. Prior to this year my husband always worked at a different school district, but this year he has been a teacher in the same district as I am. We have loved the synchronized school calendar and the additional time we get as a family as a result.

I have created a list of some fun, stress-relieving activities I plan to carry out over this blessed break. Here is my top 5 Summer Break Goals:

1. Spruce Up the House

It’s been a while since my entire house received a good cleaning. Although I plan to not waste my whole break scrubbing floors and washing windows, I do think that a good half-day is in order to bring my house back to life. Also, I am working my way through the 40 Week Whole House Organized Challenge by Organize365. This week the focus is on the laundry room so I will get to work on that process as well. Additionally, if it gets warm enough I plan to mulch my front yard and till my garden in preparation of new plants.

2. Host A Party

Our church meets weekly in the homes of various families in the Columbus area. Our life group (cLife) is getting ready to multiply and split into two groups at the end of this term. It’s been a great run and we have grown to love each member of our group. Some of us have been together for two years. As a last hoorah we are hosting a party tomorrow night at our house (which to be honest is my motivation to get the house cleaned.)

3. Visit the Zoo

I’m so excited to have received an early birthday gift, a Columbus Zoo Membership. We live thirty minutes from the #1 zoo in America. Every year we visit the zoo a couple of times and now that we have a family membership I’m sure we will visit more frequently. As a family we really enjoy our zoo adventures. The animals are beautiful, the activities are fun, and the trails are fantastic.


4. Go On A Hike

Lately, I’ve been all about the great outdoors. I think it’s a product of being cooped up for far too long over the winter. I am hoping the weather will cooperate and as a family we will have an opportunity to go to a beginner trail in our area.

5. Finish Editing My Novel

The last thing I hope to mark off my to-do list this break is finishing the edits on my novel. I’ve been working on a query letter for potential publishers and I’m hoping to be able to start sending it out at the end of the break. It’s helpful to send pieces of a manuscript along with query letters so I am working to get my novel to the point I feel comfortable enough to send out. I still have a couple of chapters to rework and a few subplots to tie off.

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As I sit on my front porch watching as my daughter changes our sidewalk into her personal chalk canvas I take a deep breath and I pray that I am not too quick to forget this day.The sun is bright. The temperatures are warm. The grass is not covered in a thick layer of snow. The calendar may say February, but mother nature says Spring. I know these days are limited, but they serve as a reminder that beautiful days are to come.

The air smells like the birth of a new season. I hear the forgotten tunes of birds in the air and children playing in the yard.

Before long I will be plotting my garden for the year. The neighbors who have been cooped up all winter will emerge again exchanging yard tips and comments on the weather. Blooms on the trees are not far off. Cropped pants and light jackets are soon coming in season.

Today is a reminder of the days forgotten. The evenings around the fire pit, the afternoons at the park. The meals hot off the grill and the bare toes resting atop flip flops are soon to come.

I thank God for this reminder. After a couple of rough weeks where I was stuck inside due to snow I’ve needed a reminder of what it feels like to be outside soaking up some good ole Vitamin D.


The Ameri Brit Mom

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Stitch Fix #4

One of my favorite days of the month is the one when I arrive home from work to find my Stitch Fix package on the front porch. Most of the time I countdown to the day of its estimated arrival, however, this month has been so crazy that my Stitch Fix completely slipped my mind. So as I pulled into driveway on Friday afternoon and saw the lovely, bright tape on the outside of my box I instantly became excited. I found myself wondering about the contents of the box. I had messaged my stylist with a couple of suggestions, but was still surprised as I unwrapped the contents of my fix. This was my best Stitch Fix yet!

The weather in Ohio has taken a bit of a turn toward Spring (forget about the nine inches of snow we’ve received in the past twenty-four hours.) Apart from the bi-polar snow the sun has been bright and encouraging Spring fever. Through my dialogue with my personal Stitch Fix stylist I suggested some transitional pieces to help move my winter wardrobe to one more conducive to the rapid change in temperatures.

Each time I receive a fix I love to open my letter from my stylist before any of the items. The hints she drops in the letter always add to the anticipation.


The following is a look at the pieces I received this time around:


Each piece was exactly what I would have picked for myself. I know that the company uses an algorithm based on my results on a fashion quiz and they also follow my Pinterest board for ideas, but it still amazes me how well they handpick my style.

The first piece I tried on was the Carlito Dolman Knit Top. For the photo I paired the top with the Evina Spade Fringe Pendant. Adorable, right? This look is right on target for me.


Next, I paired the Mira Skinny Jean with Iglesia Pleated Blouse. This look is really versatile. It could be worn to work on a more casual day, for a night out with the girls, or on a family excursion. I completely loved the print of the top as well. It was bright and lends itself well to a spring wardrobe (although it doesn’t appear that way in this photo.)

FullSizeRender (12)

Lastly, I tried on the Ellaine Open Cardigan. This was an extremely comfortable and breathable fabric. As a teacher cardigans are a staple to my wardrobe because they make just about any top instantly school appropriate. There is no such thing as a teacher having too many cardigans so again, thank you Stitch Fix for knowing me so well. Although I own a plethora of cardigans this one is unique.

FullSizeRender (13)

It’s a little harder to see the pin-stripe in the photo above so here is a close-up of the detail in this cardigan.

FullSizeRender (14)


So you may be asking which pieces I chose to add to my personal ensembles?

With this fix I decided to splurge a bit more than I normally would. I seriously contemplated purchasing all five pieces (because there is a 20% discount if you buy all five.) However, in the end I shipped back the skinny jeans and the necklace. Both were adorable, but both were also startlingly similar to pieces I already owned. I was really happy with my choices and the three new unique additions to my closet.

If I’ve piqued your interest at all and you would like to give Stitch Fix a shot please use this referral link to sign up. If you use my link I receive a $25.00 credit when they send your first fix. That’s a cool perk of using Stitch Fix. There are several discounts to the program to help make loving your wardrobe even more affordable.

Before you click away from my blog post today I would love to hear your feedback from my Stitch Fix. Leave a comment!

Which piece was your favorite?

Do you agree with my selections?

What’s keeping you from ordering your fix?

The Ameri Brit Mom

*This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation as a result of this post.


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Rain Obsessed

Rain Obsessed


You know you live in Ohio when exactly two weeks after posting a Snow Boot wishlist you find yourself in need of rain gear. The real absence of snow this season persuaded me to forget about shopping for snow boots and instead focus on waterproofing my wardrobe. It’s been rainy and warm for the past three days here in central Ohio. It may be a spring tease, but I’ll take it. There’s nothing like opening the house up and spending time outdoors after a couple of months of being cooped inside.
These days of sixty degree temperatures have been tempting me. Even now as I take off my new Sperry rain boots (pictured above) which were entirely practical this morning I am preparing to take my daughter to the park which is defrosted and dried thanks to the sun and warm temps. I’m now lacing up my tennis shoes while trying to knock out a witty post about rain gear and I find myself being blinded by the rays of sunlight protruding through the windows.
Even if this nice weather is temporary it’s brought some hope that the warm months are to come. (Also, the groundhog has confirmed this in his pronouncement that Spring is right around the corner!)
What is this!?! Does the weather understand it is still February? I won’t be the one to remind it.
Here’s to a quick end to the cold and snowy season and an open armed embrace to Spring and the light showers it ensues. So grab an umbrella, a cute monogrammed rain jacket, and the always necessary rain boots and help me cheer on the impending start of Spring.
The Ameri Brit Mom

Spring Break Roundup

As I reflect on my ten day respite otherwise known as Spring Break I have nothing but positive memories and priceless moments with my daughter in which to boast. Oftentimes I suffer from a little guilt about being a working mom. I hate missing time with my daughter and truthfully that longing for spending time with her is what drives me out the doors everyday as early as possible. I love my job, but I am first and foremost a mom and I strive to be the best mom I can be. Which requires time.

I do have to realize that part of being an awesome mom is also working to provide for my daughter along with my husband. If it weren’t for our paychecks there are many opportunities we’ve had that may never otherwise have happened. I’m thankful for my job in so many ways, but helping to provide a comfortable and fun life for my daughter is at the top of the list for reasons that I love my job.

This Spring Break I challenged myself to do some of the things I had neglected to do because my schedule had been too busy (especially during basketball season and my husband’s crazy schedule). So I want to dedicate today’s post to a quick round up of Spring Break 2015:

Monday 3/30- We painted canvases and accomplished several arts and craft projects.


Tuesday 3/31- We visited the Columbus Zoo with a family from church.


Wednesday 4/1- We visited a nearby lake and stopped in a historical candy shop where my daughter devoured her first true ice cream cone.

IMG_0491 IMG_0496

Thursday 4/2- I made brunch for my sister (who just had her second child six weeks ago) and we had a play date.


Friday 4/3- Daddy was off too! We had lunch at Harvest Moon Cafe which we had been wanting to try and visited a horse rescue.

IMG_0505 IMG_0519

Saturday 4/4- We completed some home projects as a family and did some spring cleaning. We also enjoyed dinner with some friends in Columbus.


Sunday 4/5- Easter! When our daughter woke up in the morning she awoke to a great indoor egg hunt. The Easter bunny had scattered her eggs and gifts all over the house and she had a blast finding each of the surprises. For months she’s been begging for a kitty cat bike helmet so that we will let her ride her bike outside and ride horses so she was absolutely thrilled that the Easter bunny fulfilled that request. We also spent the day at church and with family. It was exhausting, but fun!

IMG_0530 IMG_0558

Monday 4/6- We had a slow morning recovering from Easter. Then, we got back into our regular Monday rhythm of visiting the local library. My daughter loves books and she and I have made it a habit to weekly take a trip to the local library. She loves to play in the kids section and today to cap off the final day of break we followed up our library escapade with a trip to a local coffee shop, Scioto Valley Coffee. I had a coupon and so my daughter’s smoothie was free.

IMG_0570 IMG_0573

All in all my break with my daughter was a success. I loved every minute. It’s so much fun to watch her learn and experience things for the first time. She is so excited to be growing up and she has such a lovely and independent personality. Going back to work is going to be hard after all of the fun I’ve had over the past ten days, but 2:30pm will come soon enough and I’ll be back home to my amazing family. My hope is that I save my energy for the evenings a little better. I hate coming home exhausted because I feel like I miss out on moments like I’ve been having with my daughter. Motherhood is fun.

Enjoy your week 🙂


Columbus Zoo


I’ve mentioned on here before about spring being my favorite season. Among lists I’ve given as to why I prefer spring to any other season I may have neglected one of the best parts of spring and that would be Spring Break. This fabulous week off of school always serves as a precursor to the impending summer vacation. It gives a little hope for what is to come, and it is always so much better when the weather is pleasant. Today, the weather was windy but beautiful. My daughter and I packed our sack lunches (she chose lunchables at the store yesterday along with Veggie Straws and strawberry applesauce), put on a couple of layers and met some of our church group friends for the journey to the Columbus Zoo.

Every summer since our daughter was born we have made a point to venture to the zoo at least once. It’s always been a good time, however, today was by far the most she has enjoyed the experience. She was able to do much of the walking on her own and discuss with me about the many different animals she witnessed.

The Columbus Zoo is always a phenomenal experience, and in my opinion is one of the best zoos around. One could spend several days at the Columbus Zoo and still not engage in all that it has to offer. The zoo is well organized, clean, and educational. It was a wild and active trip, but it was also well worth it. To see my daughter appreciating the beauty of the outdoors, the animals, and friendships makes it worth the exhaustion after the fact.

I’m now more than ever looking forward to summer vacation so that we can embark on similar adventures more regularly. The toddler years are tiring, but so much fun. I am blessed to have a daughter who is so in love with learning and life. Motherhood is a beautiful thing.

IMG_0476 IMG_0473 IMG_0470 IMG_0469  IMG_0455 IMG_0453