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Stitch Fix #4

One of my favorite days of the month is the one when I arrive home from work to find my Stitch Fix package on the front porch. Most of the time I countdown to the day of its estimated arrival, however, this month has been so crazy that my Stitch Fix completely slipped my mind. So as I pulled into driveway on Friday afternoon and saw the lovely, bright tape on the outside of my box I instantly became excited. I found myself wondering about the contents of the box. I had messaged my stylist with a couple of suggestions, but was still surprised as I unwrapped the contents of my fix. This was my best Stitch Fix yet!

The weather in Ohio has taken a bit of a turn toward Spring (forget about the nine inches of snow we’ve received in the past twenty-four hours.) Apart from the bi-polar snow the sun has been bright and encouraging Spring fever. Through my dialogue with my personal Stitch Fix stylist I suggested some transitional pieces to help move my winter wardrobe to one more conducive to the rapid change in temperatures.

Each time I receive a fix I love to open my letter from my stylist before any of the items. The hints she drops in the letter always add to the anticipation.


The following is a look at the pieces I received this time around:


Each piece was exactly what I would have picked for myself. I know that the company uses an algorithm based on my results on a fashion quiz and they also follow my Pinterest board for ideas, but it still amazes me how well they handpick my style.

The first piece I tried on was the Carlito Dolman Knit Top. For the photo I paired the top with the Evina Spade Fringe Pendant. Adorable, right? This look is right on target for me.


Next, I paired the Mira Skinny Jean with Iglesia Pleated Blouse. This look is really versatile. It could be worn to work on a more casual day, for a night out with the girls, or on a family excursion. I completely loved the print of the top as well. It was bright and lends itself well to a spring wardrobe (although it doesn’t appear that way in this photo.)

FullSizeRender (12)

Lastly, I tried on the Ellaine Open Cardigan. This was an extremely comfortable and breathable fabric. As a teacher cardigans are a staple to my wardrobe because they make just about any top instantly school appropriate. There is no such thing as a teacher having too many cardigans so again, thank you Stitch Fix for knowing me so well. Although I own a plethora of cardigans this one is unique.

FullSizeRender (13)

It’s a little harder to see the pin-stripe in the photo above so here is a close-up of the detail in this cardigan.

FullSizeRender (14)


So you may be asking which pieces I chose to add to my personal ensembles?

With this fix I decided to splurge a bit more than I normally would. I seriously contemplated purchasing all five pieces (because there is a 20% discount if you buy all five.) However, in the end I shipped back the skinny jeans and the necklace. Both were adorable, but both were also startlingly similar to pieces I already owned. I was really happy with my choices and the three new unique additions to my closet.

If I’ve piqued your interest at all and you would like to give Stitch Fix a shot please use this referral link to sign up. If you use my link I receive a $25.00 credit when they send your first fix. That’s a cool perk of using Stitch Fix. There are several discounts to the program to help make loving your wardrobe even more affordable.

Before you click away from my blog post today I would love to hear your feedback from my Stitch Fix. Leave a comment!

Which piece was your favorite?

Do you agree with my selections?

What’s keeping you from ordering your fix?

The Ameri Brit Mom

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