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As I sit on my front porch watching as my daughter changes our sidewalk into her personal chalk canvas I take a deep breath and I pray that I am not too quick to forget this day.The sun is bright. The temperatures are warm. The grass is not covered in a thick layer of snow. The calendar may say February, but mother nature says Spring. I know these days are limited, but they serve as a reminder that beautiful days are to come.

The air smells like the birth of a new season. I hear the forgotten tunes of birds in the air and children playing in the yard.

Before long I will be plotting my garden for the year. The neighbors who have been cooped up all winter will emerge again exchanging yard tips and comments on the weather. Blooms on the trees are not far off. Cropped pants and light jackets are soon coming in season.

Today is a reminder of the days forgotten. The evenings around the fire pit, the afternoons at the park. The meals hot off the grill and the bare toes resting atop flip flops are soon to come.

I thank God for this reminder. After a couple of rough weeks where I was stuck inside due to snow I’ve needed a reminder of what it feels like to be outside soaking up some good ole Vitamin D.


The Ameri Brit Mom

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