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The Ameri Brit Mom Blog is Turning One!

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One year ago I was tossing and turning with anxiety. I had been a closet writer for practically my entire life, but I was being called by God to make my private hobby a public ministry. I wrestled with God and my husband who urged me to follow my dreams of becoming a writer. At times, pride kept me from distributing my honest thoughts and writing for fear of ridicule, or worse fear of nobody caring. But, I am so thankful that in the end I closed my eyes and hit the publish button for the very first time.

On February 17, 2015 The Ameri Brit Mom went public.

For the very first time in my life friends and family members were able to read some of my work. It was an unnerving experience to allow other people to pass through the walls I had built around myself. Cutting the ribbon on my blog was the beginning of an amazing journey. At times throughout the first few months my efforts seemed futile. I wondered often if anyone was even reading what I had to say. But, I continued in the discipline of writing and sharing, and God used this blog to reach over 3,419 people in its inaugural year!

In honor of my blog’s birthday today I would like to take you back to my very first post, Why Blog?

As I sat at my kitchen table drafting this initial post I remember really struggling with many questions.

Why would God call me to write a blog? What do I have to say that is so important? Who am I to offer any type of content for others when I don’t have my own self together?

If I could go back in time and talk to myself in those last few moments before I let this blog out of the bag I would tell that twenty-four year old insecure mother that pressing “publish” was the beginning of the road to healing. I would explain that through the establishment of this blog I would meet wonderful friends from all over the world. I would have an opportunity to grow in my faith as I encourage others in theirs. I would talk myself down from the panic attack that would ensue to explain that though it took courage to put myself out there I would be empowered by God to see this thing through.

I’ve learned a lot over the past year. When I go back to my earlier writings I smile at all of the broken grammatical rules. I struggle through some of the raw emotions again, and as much as I’d love to edit those original pieces to bring them up-to-speed with what I know now I leave them be as a testament to my own growth. In this first year I was also able to finish my first novel which would have never happened without the help and encouragement of a community of writers and readers collected through my blog (details to come in the next couple of months.)

Thank you for being a part of this first year with me. Whether you have followed my blog all along or you are just coming across it for the first time you have played a role in its successes and my personal growth.

I would like to leave you today with my first ever blog post:

Why Blog– The Ameri Brit Mom (first published 2/17/15)

The most common advice that I’ve read out there for newbie bloggers is to focus on something that makes you unique. They say to find something about yourself that you can share with others to mutually benefit you as the author and the readers as well. I struggle with picking out one thing about myself to truly focus on in this blog. I have too many interests to limit myself to just one particular aspect to highlight. In truth, I am questioning the value in blogging at all, but the aspiring author in me is yearning to give it a try. So in this struggle to label my individuality I came to the conclusion that I am so multifaceted that picking ONE thing about myself would be to limit my inspiration in this blog.

So who am I?

I am a wife. I’m an All-American girl who fell in love with an English-native who left behind his British roots to grow some new one’s with me in small town America. We have worked together to build a home that values the similarities and differences in cultures we both were raised in and we share a love and passion for travel for those very same reasons.

I am a mother. I am a young mother of a two year-old girl who has given my life a whole new definition. I have learned more from my daughter and watching her grow and thrive than I could ever hope to have taught her in a lifetime.

I am a Christian. I strive everyday to reflect Christ to those around me…most importantly my family.

I am a teacher. I brave the long halls and attitudes of high school for a second time in my life, but this time as the teacher. I have been a high school teacher in a rural community for four years now. I teach English and World History for 9th grade students. I feel that one of my callings in life is to be a witness for Christ in the public school system (which at times can be a bit of a challenge)

I am a new home owner. With home ownership comes a seemingly endless list of projects to make my family’s home as lovely and inviting as those of us who reside within it.

From this list I have concluded what makes me unique is the balancing act that is my life. We all struggle with keeping it together and staying on top of everything. We all wear so many hats in this life. These are my many hats that I work to balance on my head everyday. Each day I aim to be a better wife, mother, Christian, teacher, and home owner. This blog is my documentation of this balancing act. My hope is that in documenting my steps it will help encourage me in this journey where the struggle is REAL…and in turn may also serve as inspiration for others out there. I welcome comments and suggestions for posts. My goal is to create a community with other women like myself out there who are striving to be their very best everyday and conquer the world in the name of Jesus and family.

And that’s why I blog.


The Ameri Brit Mom



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