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Origami Owl Genuine Leather Bracelet

One of my favorite parts of getting ready each day is accessorizing my look. I love to pair different pieces of jewelry with my outfits. Over the past couple of months I’ve shared some of my favorite pieces with you on the blog. Today, I would like to introduce you to my Origami Owl Genuine Black Leather Bracelet.


If you are unfamiliar with the company, Origami Owl was started by a fourteen year old girl, Bella, who was seeking a way to save up money to purchase a car by the time she turned sixteen. She began to make and sell Living Lockets to people she knew. From there her idea took off and Origami Owl became one of the largest independent jewelry consultant companies.

One thing that makes my Origami Owl bracelet different from some of my others is that it expresses who I am. I picked out the color of the leather, the size of the locket, as well as the face of the locket from a few different options. Then, I was able to choose charms to place in my locket to further customize the piece.

My friend, Desiree (whom I’ve actually posted about on the blog last May) is a consultant for Origami Owl. She and her daughter Grace earn extra income through this company which pays for Grace’s volleyball club. If you are interested in purchasing anything from the company I would highly recommend doing so through the Origami Owl links on this post because then you will be supporting a wonderful, Christian family.

Here is a look at all the pieces that make up my personal Origami Owl Bracelet:


  1. Genuine Leather Bracelet: $18.00
  2. Medium Silver Twist Living Locket Face with Swarovski Crystals: $18.00
  3. Medium Silver Wrap Bracelet Locket Base: $16.00
  4. Charms: $5 each

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