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Fall Feels


Pumpkin Spice Lattes, crisp air, falling leaves, and all things plaid. This is the epitome of all the fall feels. Fashion-wise fall is my favorite time of the year. I love layering pieces, shoes, scarves, and warm make up trends. Fall truly is a magical time of the year full of outdoor sporting events, apple picking, and decorated porches. And nothing says Happy Monday morning like a cup of hot coffee to-go. I cannot resist the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg. Now that October has begun I’m also in countdown mode for my hometown’s fall festival, The Pumpkin Show. A few more weeks and I’ll be out of school and indulging in the best things fall has to offer.
What do you love most about this time of the year?
The Ameri Brit Mom
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Work IT

Work IT


As many of you know I’ve taken the plunge and am in the midst of a couch to 10k training regimen. In less than two weeks I will be competing with thousands of other runners in the Columbus Cap City Half Marathon/Patron Quarter Marathon. Now while I’m not looking to break any records I have enjoyed the journey to getting back into shape. There have been some ups and downs, but I’m glad that I’ve gotten back into the habit of running on a regular basis.
Running has always been an outlet for me. It’s a chance for me to take a time out from whatever is going on to focus on myself. Some days those running breaks last longer than others, but each run requires a few essentials to make it happen.
First and foremost I have a supportive family who has committed to giving me the opportunities to run daily. They challenge me to be my best and pick up the slack when I’m too tired or sore to do anything post-run.
Besides the amazing support coming from my husband and daughter I’ve relied heavily on a few devices to get me through my workouts. As you can see above, I’m kind of in a pink mood. My current fitbit cover is pink, my iPhone armband is pink, my hairbands are pink, and in a perfect world I would also have a pink flipbelt. (I don’t currently own one, but boy do I wish I did!)
What are your workout essentials?
The Ameri Brit Mom
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Toms Shoes



You can’t beat a good pair of TOMS. I personally own two pairs of TOMS. I love my original style pair, but I also enjoy the versatility of my lace TOMS as well. My oldest pair is beginning to show its wear and is need of replacing. I’m in quite the predicament as I love the colors and styles of so many TOMS shoes. Plus, the company itself is in the business of giving back. I’m appealing to my readership for a little help.
As we head into Easter weekend I’m torn between multiple pairs of Toms. I’m planning to wear a navy and white striped maxi dress on Sunday and I’d like to accompany my ensemble with a new pair of TOMS.  On the left side of the photo above I’ve pictured some of my favorites of the original TOMS style. The right side of the photo is a look at some special TOMS styles. Which do you prefer?
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Nike Workout Gear

Nike Workout Gear


I can’t believe I did it.I was so close to writing out the story of running from my life. I had come to terms with the fact that running was a thing of the past. No hard feelings. Then, a random message of conviction caused me to go back on my commitment to never run again. An old friend with good intentions made me do it. I can’t believe I caved in.
Over the weekend I found myself in a conversation with an old friend. During our conversation she mentioned she was running a quarter marathon in April and needed a partner to join her. In a moment of weaknesses I said I would do it, and that’s how I got myself into this pickle.
For a little background, I ran competitively in high school and post-high school I participated in a couple of half marathons and a dozen 5ks. However, since I had my daughter I have not done anything of the competitive sort. I’ve dabbled in running, but the time commitment has kept me from really taking training seriously. Over the winter I tried to do some runs, but found my knees aching and hips in pain as a result. I had more or less thrown in the towel on the idea of ever really competing again until this weekend.
But now that I have decided to give it another try I’m in need of motivation to get out there and do the work necessary to go from couch to quarter marathon in a little under two months. So how do I plan to motivate myself?
1. Running Buddy– Having a friend to run with keeps me accountable for finishing each workout. Some days the weather is less than ideal for running so finding accountability with another runner helps motivate me to run regardless of the conditions outside. Luckily, I have a few friends who also enjoy running and I plan to do a couple of runs each week with another person.
2. Set Weekly Goals– Having a long term goal is important, but sometimes I need to set smaller goals to keep me motivated on a daily basis. In the past, I would set weekly mileage goals or set a goal based on the amount of time I planned to run that week. These smaller goals help to give purpose to every single run. Each mile (or minute) becomes a step toward that weekly goal. I also love rewards. A great reward for hitting my weekly goal is giving myself a day of rest. (Example: If I can run 25 miles before Friday I will take Saturday off.)
3. Cute Workout Clothes– Who isn’t motivated by looking good? Recently, I went to a sporting goods store to pick out some soccer gear for my daughter. In the process, I found myself drawn to all of the brightly colored workout clothes for women. From sports bras to leggings there were so many adorable styles. I’m in need of a shopping spree to amp-up my workout wardrobe. (I’m a Nike girl if you haven’t guessed from the picture above.)
What is your favorite piece in your workout ensemble?
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Rain Obsessed

Rain Obsessed


You know you live in Ohio when exactly two weeks after posting a Snow Boot wishlist you find yourself in need of rain gear. The real absence of snow this season persuaded me to forget about shopping for snow boots and instead focus on waterproofing my wardrobe. It’s been rainy and warm for the past three days here in central Ohio. It may be a spring tease, but I’ll take it. There’s nothing like opening the house up and spending time outdoors after a couple of months of being cooped inside.
These days of sixty degree temperatures have been tempting me. Even now as I take off my new Sperry rain boots (pictured above) which were entirely practical this morning I am preparing to take my daughter to the park which is defrosted and dried thanks to the sun and warm temps. I’m now lacing up my tennis shoes while trying to knock out a witty post about rain gear and I find myself being blinded by the rays of sunlight protruding through the windows.
Even if this nice weather is temporary it’s brought some hope that the warm months are to come. (Also, the groundhog has confirmed this in his pronouncement that Spring is right around the corner!)
What is this!?! Does the weather understand it is still February? I won’t be the one to remind it.
Here’s to a quick end to the cold and snowy season and an open armed embrace to Spring and the light showers it ensues. So grab an umbrella, a cute monogrammed rain jacket, and the always necessary rain boots and help me cheer on the impending start of Spring.
The Ameri Brit Mom
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Snow Boots

Snow Boots


It’s the time of the year when all flats and heels have been retired and boots take priority daily. Now is the time to plan your outfit according to your shoes, not the other way around. If it isn’t snowing then it’s unbearably cold or the streets are filled with the liquid remnants from the snow. This season the trend it boots is a lot of fun. Uggs have finally taken a backseat to cuter, more versatile styles. Call me a psychic, but I never fell prey to the Ugg craze. I’m so glad the rest of the world caught on to the play-on-words which name the boots themselves. Uggs are ugly.
All kidding aside, I’ve taken my time to purchase a new pair of much-needed winter boots. To be honest, I still haven’t made my decision. All three of the pairs above are similar in price and functionality it all comes down to the unique design of each and which I would prefer.
So I’m reaching out to you, dear fashionistas!
If you could purchase one pair of winter boots from those above which would you choose and why? Also, if you already own a similar pair let me know what you think about them in the comments.
The Ameri Brit Mom

Bundle Up!

Bundle Up

The temperatures are dropping and fall is in full swing here in the Midwest. One staple for every Midwesterner’s wardrobe is a warm and versatile vest to bundle up in these cooler months. Last winter, in a moment of poor decision making I purchased a pink, fleece, Colombia vest. At the time I thought it was cute, but each season has its own style and as cute as my Colombia vest may have been at the time it is definitely not complimentary to the warmer shades that represent fall fashion. As I prepare to make a vest purchase I’m torn between navy or black. I wear a lot of both colors and either one would look great paired with half of my wardrobe. I’m also in the process of deciding if I want a puffy or fleece vest. So, I guess I will lean on you, my readers, for insight. If I could only buy one vest which one from the picture above would you recommend?

J Crew vest

Columbia vest


Fall Boots Mood Board

Fall Boots Mood Board

Fall is in the air and I’m in the mood to break out the boots and maybe add a pair or two to my collection. I’m excited to feel the crunch of autumn leaves under the soles of my faux leather boots. I anticipate the sweater socks that accompany each pair on a crisp fall day. And more than anything I look forward to getting to tread the streets of my hometown during the annual Pumpkin Show. It’s only the Greatest Free Show (festival) on Earth! Fall means a lot of things to me, but one of the first things that comes to mind when fall is in the air is my hometown festival and all of the fun, food, and fashion that come with it. What is fall to you?


Charlotte Russe army boots

Essie nail care


Meet the Teacher Fashion

Meet the Teacher
It may be a week away, but it is never too early to plan my outfit for Meet the Teacher/Orientation night at my school. I’ve been playing around with color schemes and I think I will try pulling off the colors and pieces pictured above. Lately, I’ve been drawn to neutral clothing paired with colorful accessories and cosmetics. I recently purchased a little black dress at Francesca’s during a clearance sale. My new LBD is very similar  to the one pictured above and since Polyvore doesn’t have my exact dress and shoes I thought I could still give you a visual of my planned outfit using similar pieces.
I also recently chopped off most of my hair in the back. I was looking for something new and to be honest my hair was at an awkward length. It was too short to pin into a ponytail and too long that it was often getting stuck in collars or the tops of my shirts. So I finally went out on a limb and I had my amazing hairdresser take off most of the length in the back. I really love it and it will be a great Back-to-School style for me.
IMG_1347 IMG_1415
I love the act of pairing up my clothing and accessories to create a complete look. Better yet, I enjoy when I can coordinate my style to match nail color and makeup. A little black dress really is a staple in every female closet. A dress like this can be worn in so many different ways based on the accessories. And as always, REMEMBER: a smile is the best accessory one can wear!
What piece is a staple in your wardrobe?

Peach jewelry
$23 –

Triple necklace


Make-up on the Go

Bare Minerals
Over the past couple of years I have converted my make up collection to include exclusively bareMinerals products. I love the long lasting color and coverage as well as the light-weight feel. I tend to go for a more natural look and I’ve found that these products make it effortless to get the look that I prefer. Pictured above are some of my favorites from bareMinerals.
Another thing I enjoy about bareMinerals is that they have created a Ready line. Their Ready eye shadows, blushes, and foundation come in compact containers with their own brushes. They are ideal for travel or for use on the go. I own a couple of different Ready eyeshadow palettes, but my favorite one is pictured above.
As I pack my suitcase today in anticipation for tomorrow’s flight home I am thankful for the bareMinerals products that I own that make it easy to travel without the worry of powder all over my belongings. The variety of colors and textures make the application process so much fun. I love pairing pieces of my collection and matching colors with my outfit for the day. Thank you, bareMinerals, for making it easy to travel and still look beautiful!

Bare Escentuals lip treatment
£10 –

Bare Escentuals blush
£15 –

Bare Escentuals foundation
£18 –

Bare Escentuals eyeliner
£10 –