Meet the Teacher Fashion

Meet the Teacher
It may be a week away, but it is never too early to plan my outfit for Meet the Teacher/Orientation night at my school. I’ve been playing around with color schemes and I think I will try pulling off the colors and pieces pictured above. Lately, I’ve been drawn to neutral clothing paired with colorful accessories and cosmetics. I recently purchased a little black dress at Francesca’s during a clearance sale. My new LBD is very similar  to the one pictured above and since Polyvore doesn’t have my exact dress and shoes I thought I could still give you a visual of my planned outfit using similar pieces.
I also recently chopped off most of my hair in the back. I was looking for something new and to be honest my hair was at an awkward length. It was too short to pin into a ponytail and too long that it was often getting stuck in collars or the tops of my shirts. So I finally went out on a limb and I had my amazing hairdresser take off most of the length in the back. I really love it and it will be a great Back-to-School style for me.
IMG_1347 IMG_1415
I love the act of pairing up my clothing and accessories to create a complete look. Better yet, I enjoy when I can coordinate my style to match nail color and makeup. A little black dress really is a staple in every female closet. A dress like this can be worn in so many different ways based on the accessories. And as always, REMEMBER: a smile is the best accessory one can wear!
What piece is a staple in your wardrobe?

Peach jewelry
$23 –

Triple necklace

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