Bundle Up!

Bundle Up

The temperatures are dropping and fall is in full swing here in the Midwest. One staple for every Midwesterner’s wardrobe is a warm and versatile vest to bundle up in these cooler months. Last winter, in a moment of poor decision making I purchased a pink, fleece, Colombia vest. At the time I thought it was cute, but each season has its own style and as cute as my Colombia vest may have been at the time it is definitely not complimentary to the warmer shades that represent fall fashion. As I prepare to make a vest purchase I’m torn between navy or black. I wear a lot of both colors and either one would look great paired with half of my wardrobe. I’m also in the process of deciding if I want a puffy or fleece vest. So, I guess I will lean on you, my readers, for insight. If I could only buy one vest which one from the picture above would you recommend?

J Crew vest

Columbia vest

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