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Toms Shoes



You can’t beat a good pair of TOMS. I personally own two pairs of TOMS. I love my original style pair, but I also enjoy the versatility of my lace TOMS as well. My oldest pair is beginning to show its wear and is need of replacing. I’m in quite the predicament as I love the colors and styles of so many TOMS shoes. Plus, the company itself is in the business of giving back. I’m appealing to my readership for a little help.
As we head into Easter weekend I’m torn between multiple pairs of Toms. I’m planning to wear a navy and white striped maxi dress on Sunday and I’d like to accompany my ensemble with a new pair of TOMS.  On the left side of the photo above I’ve pictured some of my favorites of the original TOMS style. The right side of the photo is a look at some special TOMS styles. Which do you prefer?

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