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How To Survive An Egg Hunt


This weekend my daughter took part in her first Easter Egg Hunt. In the past, I’ve had anxiety about turning her loose with a bunch of other kids in pursuit if plastic eggs filled with candy. I always envisioned a ten year old boy knocking her over and ruining the whole deal. But this year after some coercion I finally decided she was ready for her egg hunting debut. After all, these days she is a strong and independent girl and I pity any ten year old boy who attempts to get in her way.

The event went flawlessly.

We arrived about twenty minutes early. If you are new to the egg hunt scene heed this warning: Get there early!!  There are a limited number of eggs and many hunts involve standing in line. Give yourself an edge on others (and potentially get out of there quicker) by arriving before the event begins.

The egg hunt we decided to participate in is held annually in our town at a farm market/nursery. It’s great because they do divide children into age groups. In that scenario my daughter actually fell into the upper-end of her age bracket so I could rest assured that she was the alpha and many of my fears of bigger children were dissolved. Also, we decided to join my sister and her family. When in doubt make sure there is backup. If anyone tried to mess with my daughter in the chaos of egg hunting at least her bigger cousin would be there to protect her.

As we awaited the opening of the gates we were given free popcorn which served as a slight distraction to the fact that we were waiting in a line. Lines may be Satan’s way of punishing parents. It is nearly impossible to corral any antsy toddler into something like a line. Thank you, popcorn, you saved the day! Then, once the event began it was over within five minutes. All this build up an anticipation seems worth the five minute experience, right?

Afterwards we stepped to the side where my daughter insisted that she open every egg to take a gander at her spoils. We stood watching her open each individual egg when an employee of the market stopped us and let us know there was free pizza inside. It was fantastic!

This experience taught me many things, but here are the main lessons:

How To Survive An Easter Egg Hunt:

  1. Arrive early
  2. Call in back up
  3. Check to see if there will be free pizza

In all seriousness I hope you and your family are celebrating this wonderful Easter season and enjoying every moment. As we prepare our hearts for the upcoming weekend take a few minutes to remember why we go through all of the trouble of egg hunts, family dinners, and buying Easter clothes.

The Ameri Brit Mom


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